Review Policy

The posts I share here on I Blog, You Read are once a week, at best. I need to have a stable way to post in order to keep my writing and other commitments on track. I try my best to commit to two (2) book reviews a month, along with a post on writing and possibly a DIY activity. If I don’t have a DIY or writing post to share I’ll simply post another book review because that just means I have more time to read that month. I also do participate in Blog Tours. Along with each post I’ll share a music track as well, it could be new or old but always fun!

Spotlight Posts

The newest posts I’ll be doing this year will be spotlight posts. This is for any books that get submitted to me that I don’t have time to read but REALLY want to or know you the readers will take interest. So spotlight posts are now being accepted. Rules below.

ü  I prefer if you submit a written post ready to share, but it’s not necessary. It could be copy and pasted inside the email request or a HTML link could be given as well which is easiest.
ü  Include any links, photos, trailers you want me to include in spotlight. It’s the time to shine, so feel free to do so.
ü  Spotlight posts will always be posted ASAP or unless you have a specific date request.
ü  Remember I will only do the spotlight if it’s a book I feel my readers will be interested in or myself want to read and just don’t have the time for it.
ü  Be sure to look at what I’m accepting for reviews to be sure. Because I’ll post spotlight posts ASAP include SPOTLIGHT in the comments of your email request.

Books I Accept for Review

I accept young adult and new adult books for review only. I occasionally accept poetry if I feel it will interest my readers. I own an iPad and can read books in almost any form (ePub, & eReader) I also have the Kindle, and Nook application. Physical books are always welcomed.

What I accept: Contemporary, Romance, Realistic fiction, Humor, Steampunk, Adventure and Dystopian.
What I do not accept: Fantasy and Erotica. Sorry it’s just not my bag.

Things I love in my books are zombies, dual POV, music, time travel; historical is something I’d like more of as well. I do accept self-published books but I am VERY selective about my choices now, VERY.

****Important: If I’ve reviewed your work in the past please, please, please submit to me. I most likely want to read more and will do what I can to help you get publicity for your work.

Terms of review I will keep to:
§  Review will be posted 1-2 months out after receiving material.
§  Will post on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble if requested or I’m that passionate about your work.
§  Will use social media (twitter, Facebook, etc.) to share my post.
§  I will do an interview if requested. (I LOVE INTERVIEWS!!!)

New rejections policy:
If I cannot seem to be completely involved in a book I will send notification through email that I simply can’t go forward in my review. Sometimes people can’t grasp to a book and this doesn’t mean it deserves a negative review, just a different reader.
I do not believe in rating systems or nasty unnecessary reviews. Every writer works hard on their craft and not everyone enjoys the same books. If they did this world would be a far less exciting place than it is.

I don't have the time to respond to every review request, so please do not take it personally. I just really have to buckle down and stay committed to my schedule to produce the most informative blog I can.