About Me

My name is Celine, and I would first like to thank you for checking out my blog. I live in Fresno, California with my Husband and three children. When I'm not working full time, or with my busy family I manage to find time to read and write. People for some reason are curious as to why I read YA more often than other genres. The answer is because it reminds me of a time when I was a bit younger and feeling the same things that the characters in the genre feel, I met my husband in high school, and am naturally drawn to that stage of my life. Sometimes I do get tired of the YA genre and tend to grab something different. I will feature those titles here of course, because it's always great to try something new.  

Usually late at night when the house is asleep I find time to write. I have written a couple of books, and some short stories that I may feature here one day, fingers crossed, that I hope that you as a reader will enjoy and mostly have an opinion on.

I'm also obsessed with duct tape. I make things...out of duct tape. Sometimes I'll make something that was inspired by a YA book and will feature them here by including them in a giveaway. So keep an eye out for that. I have even started an Etsy shop because apparently people like to buy my creations. It was surprise to me. 
So I am a bookseller/barista/duct taper/writer/wife/mom. I feel like I just gave Lord Dark Helmets monologue to Lone Star in Space Balls. Lol! 

Remember to visit often!