Friday, September 12, 2014

Just Keep Writing: Where I Find My Inspiration

So if you visit this blog often you already know about my passion for music. I have always loved music, but I fell in love with music when it made me realize I was a writer. Music revealed the mini stories I played in my head while listening were actual stories that I could put to paper. Characters I would invent in my mind interacting in epic, and what I thought as impossible, story lines graced through my brain. I would start to create small playlists on my phone, all songs actual chapters or moments between my characters. These moments created dialogue that I would jot down and remember to include in my writing, or important scenes that I wanted to flesh out on my laptop. 

This is how I connect to music. When some people listen to music they may imagine themselves singing in front of an audience, or a dance they may want to choreograph or dance to, or they associate music with a specific moment or person in their life. After I hear a great song I need to write, immediately. I especially love it if a song can get me out of writer's block. You know that movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? That's me, that's how I think of my characters while listening to whatever playlist I created in my car. My brain is always trying to make my story better, my characters heroic, scared, or in love. 

My point being in this little ramble is to surround yourself by things that help you create more in your writing. Whatever it takes to get a story out. I'm no big time writer but I am a less crazy one because music helps me get the story out in order to make room for the new stuff. 

Like right now for example I'm working on a story that I didn't think I should do because maybe people were sick of the zombie genre. But isn't the best thing for me as a writer to write what I want to share with others, and not what's in or selling well? It's in the readers' hands if it's something they want to read. I'm not going to share the plot of my WIP but I'm glad that others who read the early story I wrote a year or so ago are excited that I'm writing it again. But I will share some music from my ever-growing playlist for my WIP about zombies. That is all I will share at the moment but I'm so exited about it and really hope I finish it soon. I leave you with some music that has helped me layout my unique zombie story. I do secretly hope while listening to this music you are extremely curious about what I have in store for my zombie world. Moowaahahahahaha!

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