Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone Official Blog Tour: My Tribute, Song Pick and Giveaway

This is by far the most unique blog tour I have been a part of. The concept of The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone was intriguing and the format of this book was refreshing. What I loved most about the book was the way it was written by author Adele Griffin. I have always been in love with dual points of view in books, I feel I get a full course story when the characters are done right. Adele Griffin has chosen to introduce Addison Stone through the people who resided in her inner circle while alive. Yes that's right while alive, Addison the lead character has recently passed. Readers will get to know who Addison Stone was through the many people who knew her. Readers may feel intimidated by the many voices in this story but Griffin writes each voice eloquently perfect. 

Instead of a review I was asked to create anything I wanted in order to show who I felt Addison Stone was. I realized that I saw her as many things, but above all she swung from the cusp of life. I created the graphic below using a watercolor background I did myself. The image is Addison Stone swinging from a chandelier that is constructed from the words life. The people below, who to me are the many POV from the book, are constructed from different font styles of Addison's name. After reading her story I felt the people within her inner circle each saw her differently and it was enlightening to me. The main idea I received from Adele Griffin's work is we will always be perceived differently from the world, but Addison was an artist who owned everything she put out in the world. She was daring, crazy, fun and impulsive.    


My Song Pick for The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone

Click on Addison’s picture below for your chance to win a signed copy of The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone



National Book Award-finalist Adele Griffin tells the fully illustrated story of a brilliant young artist, her mysterious death, and the fandom that won't let her go.

From the moment she stepped foot in NYC, Addison Stone’s subversive street art made her someone to watch, and her violent drowning left her fans and critics craving to know more. I conducted interviews with those who knew her best—including close friends, family, teachers, mentors, art dealers, boyfriends, and critics—and retraced the tumultuous path of Addison's life. I hope I can shed new light on what really happened the night of July 28.

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