Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Crafts to Feed Your Creative Side

It's fay 3 of The Right Way to an Epic Summer! This is the perfect time to do new things, so why not have a list of fun creative crafts to start? Hobbies are great, I should know I have three...maybe? I read (of course), I make things out of duct tape, I crochet, I sew, and make polymer clay jewelry. I love experimenting with my creativity and think it's healthy for the soul to have positive outlets. By doing simple crafts like these you may find even more things you love to do. The crafts I do often help inspire what I want to write next, so I feel the possibilities are truly endless. 

I selected these crafts because they are fun and not intimidating. Some items are useful and some are just pretty things to decorate a room. Click on each video for clear instructions. Have fun!  


There are a lot of videos for this craft but I went with this one because it isn't so permanent. You can easily use the jar again if you get tired of it. Plus you don't have to buy a jar just to ruin it. Remember to during the day to keep it near sunlight during the day to recharge it for it's best glow. Oh and don't forget craft stores sell different colored fabric paint to get the different glowing hues.


This craft is usually done by gluing crayons to the top of the canvas in a rainbow style then blow drying them into a drip like effect. I chose this video because she uses a unique way that I liked and had more possibilities. My tip for this is to use a good ol' 40% off coupon at your local craft store and buy a pack of canvases instead of just one. Because you will want to do more. A pack of 8X10 canvases typically run $9.99 I believe. Plus I'd like to add that this gal is amazing because she posts a new craft every friday. She is incredibly creative and sweet. 


I have seen many videos on this craft and the end product was just not that great. This video comes from the source who though up the craft and her book is mentioned in the video. Being a duct taper myself I would only recommend  applying a good clear mailing tape to the overlapping lines on the inside to make the bag last even longer. I clear tape all the wallets I make out of duct tape and they last SUPER LONG because of it.


These are so easy to make, plus I've spent to much money on pretty bookmarks just to lose them. These are quick simple and great to have if you like to mark favorite passages in a book. I would also advise for this craft to get a hold of a 40% off coupon for a craft store to buy a big bag of buttons if you plan to do a lot of them. The small bags are cheaper and more themed if you're only doing a few. Plus remember the dollar store sells buttons and paperclips.


I loved this craft, and it had me asking for old t-shirts a lot. These bracelets are pretty much free to make, unless you want to buy a certain color shirt which you can also find at the dollar or .99 store. I recommend the .99 store always because they just have more stuff to chose from.


I think the pillow below would be great for the memorable concert you went to and want to do something more special than just framing it. You could do this craft with any special event you want to remember. Click the picture for easy instructions. The tips I have are to purchase a small pillow at a craft store or home store if you want to make a bigger pillow and instead make a washable pillow case. If you don't have a sewing machine you can always buy fabric fuse tape super cheap at target, walmart, or any fabric store and iron the fabric close. for more info on how to transfer a photo onto fabric click here.

The second craft is this cool vinyl record bowl. I have seen these for sale at boutique stores on Etsy but why not make your own. The instructions are easy and I know it's probably to early but these would make great christmas gifts for friends, giving you a stress free holiday if you can keep them a secret until then.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. These projects seem really fun and I hope you include and share them with others. Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for my summer music playlist and must have albums this summer to play while you craft. Remember have fun and feed your creativity this summer!

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