Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sounds of Summer

A lot of music to share with you guys, and it looks like it's an all girl summer. What can I say, these are the albums I'm excited for. To share, I have an awesome voice from the past that I missed, a good ol' haunting voice (my favorite kind), something indie and a power house voice I don't think gets enough recognition. Beside each album is a track list for songs available before pre-order and the release dates. Also I've included a summer playlist I've made for myself that I hope you enjoy, it's a good mixture of summer beach sounds and then some, plus a few album selections I think are important stamps for summer. Enjoy!

Chrissie Hynde's new album, Stockholm is out July 10, and is available for pre-order. I HIGHLY recommend Dark Sunglasses. I have always been in love with Chrissie's voice, it's probably the most recognized in the music industry.

Birdy's album, Fire Within was just released and is probably better than her first in my opinion. I love every song so far but Wings will most likely be the most popular. I favor Strange Birds because it's especially haunting, I love it so. I'll even dare to say her voice will be easily recognized like Chrissie's in her successful future.

Little Daylight's album Hello Memory is my indie selection, it's due out for release July 15. I've pre-ordered the album and so far I really like Love Stories even though Overdose seems to be more popular. The album has hope full good vibes of slow and peppy electronic sound for the alternative ear.

Sia's album, 1000 Forms of Fear is out July 8 and is getting a lot of talk. Chandelier is becoming a popular song, it's even been sung on the Voice already, which she was a guest coach for during the first season. I love her big voice and even bought a rap song because she was on the track. Her previous album, We Are Born is awesome. We played it on loop in the bookstore for a while and I NEVER got tired of it. 

These albums are a must and important stamps for summer. The sound is absolute beach pier surfing waves of sweet ice cream. These albums get played OFTEN in my car because they are so much fun to listen to. Best Coast are famous for their love of California and their music always shows it. The Drums first album is far more summer than their second release but still very good. French Films were recommended by a friend and I love her for it. This band has a softer sunny side that I would recommend for road trips. So that's it, be sure to take time to listen to everything including my own personal summer playlist just below. If you have an album you're really excited about or song that you can't stop listening to share it below, I'd love to hear it.


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