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The Art of Being Indifferent by Brooke Moss

Title: The Art of Being Indifferent
Author: Brooke Moss
Received: by author

Drew and Posey's story is pretty close to perfection. I loved every moment of The Art of Being Indifferent because of the no fear approach author Brooke Moss took when writing for her characters. Drew and Posey are put through a lot, while reading about Posey I got a vivid view of what it's like for someone to live in the foster care system and Drew reveals the difficulty and shame of living with an abusive parent. This book gets very real but has bold moments of sincerity, courage and love. After clarifying the definition of friendship and family, Drew and Posey both set great examples for someone who fears taking a stand.


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Posey's not the kind of girl who has a lot of friends. After bouncing from foster home to foster home she's only formed an attachment to her iPod, and the music that takes her away from the ugliness that surrounds her.

Drew Baxter's got life on a string, or so everyone thinks. Son of the town mayor, swim team champion, and the hottest guy on campus. Little does everyone know that life at Drew's home is dark, dangerous, and only getting worse.

When partnered together in a tutoring assignment from hell, Posey and Drew are surprised to find how much they have in common. Despite their need to keep what's going on under the surface a secret from the world, it becomes clear they know each other better than anyone else in the world can. Now Posey and Drew have to find a way to exist in a town that wants to keep them apart, and in a circle of classmates that wants them to stop blurring the social lines.

Above all, Drew and Posey need to escape the madness of their abusive parents, before they drag them down forever.

Posey crawls out of a tangled mess of family dysfunction. She struggles with letting go of her past and the future she can have with her foster family. At times it's hard for her to admit that she wants them as much as they want her. Posey made me think about all the great kids that are unfortunately not wanted or loved as much as they deserve to be. This is what Drew sees in Posey as he spends more time with her. Posey is hands down a strong person but with a couple tender weaknesses. Her guard comes down and provides an excellent unbinding of her kind and thoughtful side. I adored her relationship with each of her siblings because it showcased family moments. Posey's best quality is her loyalty. She proves this when she decides to keep Drew's dark secret but her loyalty may get her in trouble when her birth mother creeps into the picture. Posey will definitely not bore readers and have audiences clinging to every word she says.

It's hard to read Drew's POV chapters because the are very real, which is why I liked that Brooke chose to introduce his family issues ASAP. It never allowed me to dislike him, not that I ever would but through Posey's viewpoint he's painted as a typical ego driven jock. Drew has a first impression of Posey as well but it's eventually shattered in a beautiful way. There is a particular scene that involves Drew and Posey's relationship with his friends and Posey mistakes it for shame, I did as well and just when I was about to turn on Drew myself he came out as honorable as ever. A great little moment amongst many in The Art of Being Indifferent. Drew's parents will be a hard pill to swallow for people because they are written so well. Young adults have a ton of pressure on them, more so today. Drew's situation teaches lessons of regret, failure, expectations and the definition of success.

All in all The Art of Being Indifferent was a GREAT read. I loved it because of it's characters, which I feel is one of the most important components of a great book. Anytime I hear people discussing a great read it's guaranteed they are discussing which characters they like and why they like them or how they changed the course of a story. Character attachment is key to getting readers to continue reading, and Brooke Moss does this with every big and small character. She did it so well I can see each of their faces. That's when I know a book is seriously good.

I encourage readers to take a chance on this book because it deals with real issues such as abuse, addiction, and all definitions of family. Most importantly it teaches when to take a stand and why others may not have the courage to change their lives because they see no other options. I'd like to add that if you know anyone who is currently in the foster care system or being abused I highly recommend this book because of Drew and Posey's story.

My Song Pick
I picked Hearts Like Ours by The Naked and Famous because it reminds me of the struggles that Drew and Posey go through together. They most certainly have a light they must reach at the end of a tunnel and I feel this song best summarizes it, especially in the lyrics, climbing the walls with you. :)


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