Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Heart Tales Book Release SUPER Giveaway!

Well it's time to promote my book by doing a giveaway in order to get the word out for Heart Tales that's officially out today through Smashwords. Other retailers like Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Amazon will be selling Heart Tales later this week. I'm very excited to finally be releasing my book and hope it does well. If you want something quick to read, or are in between books at the moment Heart Tales is a really good fit. It should only take a day or two depending on your speed of reading. I had the best time writing theses three stories, the characters are always in my head living their lives far past the ending of their last page.

click cover for more info about HEART TALES

On with the giveaway! I am quite the crafter and realized I had great things I could giveaway and make them personal to the stories in the book. So here is a list of the prizes and photos below.

First I will be giving away (3) three ebook copies of Heart Tales to three separate winners. One of these winners will be the GRAND PRIZE winner, receiving the list of prizes below. 

To feature the music aspect of my first short story Audio Frequency I'm giving away one handmade duct tape wallet in the I love music pattern. 

The second prize is a charm necklace made by me with my favorite line from the short story Legal U Turn. It measures 1.25" by 1.25" and the gun metal necklace is included!

“Don’t you ever go anywhere Dean,” she said putting her shades on, gazing at the blue sky lying on the sand next to me. “You can’t now, not really.”
“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Because…you’re my only place.”

The last prize is an eReader cozy that features the heart design on the leading character in Heart Set on You. It will be handmade to the eReader of the winner's choice by me! No custom colors though, only size will be adjusted. The one in the pic is for my Nook.

Well I think this is a BIG giveaway and feel you should enter right away. Just enter the rafflecopter form below confirming the list of ways you've entered. The possible ways to enter are below:

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IMPORTANT: Be sure to check all ways you've entered on the rafflecopter form. People have been confused by the rafflecopter form in the past. All it is a generated form of ALL entries for me to randomly pick the winners from. Sort of a checklist for you and me. I will be cross checking entries to make sure you are actually following or sharing. If I see that you are not doing as you say I will unfortunately have to disqualify you to be fair to the other people who enter. Rafflecopter will ask you to the log in using an email or through Facebook, this serves as a way I can contact the winners and is only seen by me. Feel free to send me any questions in my email, GOOD LUCK! 

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