Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Excerpt and Musical Inspiration for Heart Tales

Okay so here it is, the first big leap I will make with my new book Heart Tales due to release April 1st. The big leap? Sharing a brief excerpt of my first short story Audio Frequency, plus a fun little playlist of songs that inspired the story or make me think of its characters Geraldine and Sam. I hope you enjoy the excerpt enough to be interested in more. I'll be sharing two more excerpts and playlists for my other shorts in Heart Tales, plus a chance to win a copy and more fun stuff.


Excerpt of Audio Frequency a Short Story from Heart Tales by Celine Garcia

It was an excruciating and painfully long day at Audio Frequency, A day of obtuse questions and imprudent music selection from Geraldine’s customers. The hilarious thing was that Geraldine loved it. She wasn’t a music snob; she just had a clear belief that all music no matter what the type was in fact good. The person is what made the music bad. If the wrong person got the wrong music that was just a waste of a perfectly good CD that could have in fact benefited someone else who would have loved it.

            Geraldine released a calming sigh when she heard the music stores bell clang against the entrance door. It was that time again, her favorite time when the scrawny young fumbling intern from the local radio station would drop by. Twice a month the local independent radio station would ship out a small order of local artists that they would give prominent radio play to. It wasn’t the guy she was pleased to see, even though Sam was handsomely nerdy with his short curly brown hair and snug fitted layered t-shirts. It was the infamous box that she awaited. Sam walked quickly to the counter with a suave silly sway and perked eye brows towards Geraldine. Sam handed the small box over to Geraldine still looking like he had some incredible news to share.

            “What?” Geraldine sang.

            “Oh nothing, just guess who the station picked to open for their Share the Music Benefit?”

            “Shut up, they didn’t! You’ve been hoping for this forever Sam. I’m so happy for you.”

            Sam was a musician hoping not to get noticed for his outstanding filing abilities but for his musical talent down at the station. Geraldine sold some copies of his self made EP at the store, even though Bruce the owner wasn’t too keen on the idea. Bruce was worried that musicians off the street would be crowding his establishment, pleading to sell their work at his store.

            “Ger, I just want to say thanks for everything by giving you this.” He handed a small envelope to her with a smile. “It’s an invite to the benefit and they’re hard to come by. I figured it could help the store with publicity.”

            Geraldine looked at the invite like it was gold in her hands. This was a big deal because the store was slacking in sales and could use some help. Unfortunately Bruce didn’t seem to care anymore. He was always so passionate about his shop before but now was just here for the ride and profits were showing.

            “Thank you so much, we or I for that matter will definitely be there.”

            Sam was on his own personal cloud nine as he walked out the door. He promised Geraldine good seats near important people to talk about the store. Geraldine was still reveling in the news that she hated herself for forgetting the box. She sliced the box open with frazzled anticipation. Only she knew of the secret game the mystery person and she played.

            At first it was just a silly game, she never thought it would continue over a length of almost six months. Six months of exchanging song lyrics and guessing which songs they were from, a game perfectly made for her. She would get a new box with new music and a song lyric written inside. Geraldine then would return any music that didn’t sell and mail it in the same box and would respond with her answer and a new lyric for her challenger.

She removed the CD’s from the box to discover her new test. The lyric she responded to previously was exceptionally hard. She didn’t want to admit it but she actually thought she might have been stumped. She even tossed around the idea of googling it, but she triumphed and remembered his eighties preferences prior. Even though she held onto the box longer than usual she sent it away confident. She never knew what would happen if she got an answer wrong because she never was…wrong.

So there it is, a sample of my writing that I really hope sparks an interest. This story is very special to me because it was inspired by some pretty cool people I work with and a mysterious box that showed up with lyrics written inside. It was a chance to write something fun and out of the box that turned into a little contest between friends. Thus, characters Geraldine and Sam were born into a quirky fun little story. 

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