Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another Playlist and Sneak Peek for My Book Heart Tales

Okay so as promised here is another playlist for my second short story, Legal U Turn from my book Heart Tales, due out April 1st. This story was supposed to be included in a regular post I wanted to do for my blog where each month or so I would pick a song and write a short story to partner up with it. Legal U Turn was born but I just could't let it go, plus other people where telling me I should publish it myself. The song Dakota made me think of a road trip and not because of the music video ( which I didn't see until after my story was complete) It was just the vibe I got from the lyrics and music, so it's basically the theme song for the entire story. Music is one of the greatest influences in my writing because I actually play mini music videos in my head while listening. Rewinding story lines that I change my mind on and replaying them, creating better stories. My mind works like a DVR pretty much.

I've also included a small excerpt of Legal U Turn along with a summary of the story, enjoy!


Gwen and Dean share an awkward drive home for their first college break because of convenience. But with hate comes a confiding friendship that may mean more to Dean. After his true feelings slip during a trip home, his friendship with Gwen ends abruptly and they don’t speak or see each other again.
 Two years later Dean finds himself driving the same route he and Gwen used to take home years ago and it’s accompanied with the best memories of Gwen. A journey filled with a fun combo of memorable road trips and not so great first impressions causes Dean to wonder, is there a possibility of rekindling one of his greatest friendships?

Excerpt from Legal U Turn by Celine Garcia 

While struggling to find the most comfortable spot on the old vinyl seat at my booth, I hear a definite farting sound beneath me. I look over my shoulder to the group of college kids now laughing at me.
            “Old seats.” I shrug at them.
“Oh sure,” the guy with long hair and painted nails replies. His group carries on in their inner circle of contagious laughter, laughter I once knew. Watching them made me fully aware of my once na├»ve nature when I was a young adult, oblivious to the world that lived outside my text message inbox.
“You ready to order?” A woman asks. I look up to see the same face I saw a few years back. She’s graying a bit but still has the same great smile.
“Don’t think I’ll be ordering a whole meal,” I say. “But I do need some sugar in my system to keep me awake for the drive.”
“Well then, I suggest a slice of the cherry pie because it’s my absolute favorite and it’s sure to perk up your handsome brown eyes.” She nudges my shoulder lightly. I smile because she’s said this to me many times before, although it’s been awhile, I doubt she remembers me.
            “Then that’s what I’ll have, and a cup of coffee please.” I say closing my menu. I catch myself before I ask for two forks. An old habit that flicks my heart back six years to when a brunette in an oversized hipster beanie sat across from me.

            “D-e-a-n, you don’t have to feel obligated to order the cherry pie just because the waitress said it was her favorite,” Gwen said, picking at her flaking black nail polish. She was a classic case of rebellion in her indie rock tank top, ripped tight jeans, numerous piercings and ass kicking boots that didn’t scare me one bit. I knew she was mad because of my lack of conversation in the car earlier.  
“Yeah but I want cherry pie. Soooo, leave me the hell alone,” I smiled and threw in an innocent shrug hoping to further irritate her.
“Okay how many times do I have to apologize?” She slumped back against her seat. “I am sorry, once again for barging in on you and Brooke. But I needed Justin’s lab notes, and he said I was welcomed anytime, so…”
            “I don’t think he would have honored that invitation at 2am with a sock on the doorknob.”
“What does it matter?” She dismissed. “You never had a chance with Brooke. She’s with—”
            “Justin now, I know! So I have every right to be mad at you and the forever awkwardness I have with a good friend.” Brooke was a girl I was into, Justin; one of my first real friends at school was the guy she was apparently into. 
            “Egh, it’s summer break and the fences will mend,” she said as the waitress brought over my pie and coffee. “Excuse me,” she called to the waitress. “You have any caramel sauce?”
            “I’ll bring it over ASAP.” The waitress smiled.
            I take a bite of my pie and look at Gwen. “Luk eh steh hade yo,”
            “Finish chewing that huge bite in your pie hole,” She demanded.
            “Swallow,” she sang.
            I swallowed my pie and continued. “I still hate you because things with Justin will forever be awkward if that relationship lasts. I only agreed to let you ride with me back from school so that he’d think things are okay with us, in case he and Brooke break up.”
“So are you saying that if they are still together when school starts again, you’ll just never talk to him again?” she asked.
            “Yeah I guess so. But what do you care, you don’t like me. I don’t like you. Justin’s been trying to get us to get along for the past semester, ain’t gonna happen.”
            My sentence was punctuated by the clink of a tiny bowl of caramel sauce that’s dropped off at our table.
            “Are you seriously just going to eat caramel sauce?” I asked her.
            “Nope.” She then poured it into my coffee.
            “Hey what the hell!”

            The memory of her laughter rings in my ear as I stare at my pie and coffee that I didn’t even realize was left. I look behind me to see the annoying teens have left their table.
            “Everything okay?” The waitress asks. “You haven’t touched your food.”

            “My coffee…I forgot to ask for caramel sauce.”

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