Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Song of the Week!

Here is the first song of the year post! I've racked up endless amounts of songs to post this year, some are new and some have turned out to be super popular since adding them to my song post list. Which is always a good thing because music is meant to be shared as I always say. It should never be a secret. 

On to this week's pick which is a song called 'Wings' by HAERTS. The tiny lead singer, Nini Fabi is amazing and very captivating. The entire band has an eclectic 80's feel and I can't help but want to see them perform in an airplane hanger with a fog machine like Berlin, all great talents! There latest EP is wonderful and can be played anywhere. I picked this performance of the song because it's my favorite. Be sure to take a listen below and click on Haerts album cover to watch more of their videos on there beautiful site! I encourage you to read there amazing story about how they became a band and why music is important to them because it is quite inspiring.  



 "Where Have I Been and Where Am I Going?" A personal post about me and things to come for I Blog, You Read.

Book Review: Addicted to You by Alix Wenmouth with Song Pick AND inspiring dance performance!


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