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Addicted To You by Alix Wenmouth

Title: Addicted to You
Author: Alix Wenmouth
Received by: Author

I was completely blown away by this very real story from Alix Wenmouth. Her characters Frankie, Roxana, and Marcus are the most truthful group of people that I really hope readers will be able to get into the heads of. They all bring something to the table that's worth discussing because Addicted to You offers a look into the dark side of a relationship and what this side is capable of doing to the two people who are in it and the friendships that are effected. I am so glad that I received this book from Alix Wenmouth and consider it a great gift and an example of daring writing done well.
Alix put me as a reader in the story so that I was always aware of when a red flag went up for Frankie who is the young woman in a relationship with the charming Marcus. I give you fare warning that Addicted to You is about the toxic side of a relationship and what happens when love turns into more of an obsession. It's important to have books like this, relationships are not like the ones depicted often in books. I think it's important to have examples of what a bad relationship is so that society can identify warning signs and see a character in a situation that they themselves never want to be in. Alix Wenmouth does this with Frankie and Marcus. This book took me awhile to review because I had so many feelings afterwards I just couldn’t get them together. I had revelations about why Marcus turned out the way he did and why Frankie wanted to please him so much. After reading Addicted to You I was able to see two people who I do believe loved each other, but were not able to let go of things like regret, past relationships, self doubt, and fear. 



16-year-old Frankie Raven has just moved 250 miles away from her sleepy hometown to Bradford and she’s convinced her life is over. But then she meets two people who set her on an exhilarating new path and change her life forever.

Roxana King lives on Leather Lane and everyone knows what goes on there; well, everyone except Frankie. Roxana is enigmatic, fun and unlike anyone Frankie has ever known. 

Then there’s Marcus Ford, the gorgeous, brooding older boy who fuels Frankie's daydreams about meeting her very own Heathcliff on the wild Yorkshire Moors. There’s an instant attraction and Frankie falls hard and fast. 

Marcus and Frankie begin a passionate and turbulent affair but their relationship takes a sinister turn when Marcus becomes increasingly controlling and volatile. As Frankie is drawn away from Roxana into a world of darkness and isolation she finds herself impossibly torn between her head and her heart. Will Roxana still be there to save Frankie from herself and from Marcus? Of course, that’s what best friends are for. Isn’t it?

Frankie is a bright and fun girl who I want young adults like her to meet. She has the same doubts a lot of girls her age have, like self-image and worth. Her friendship with Roxana is amazing and it also shows Frankie's ability to see the good in people with the sincerity she has with Roxana. But once she meets Marcus, who is someone she doesn't believe is in her league; she's a pile of mush. He is amazingly charming but soon shows little signs that he may be bad news. Of course Frankie is oblivious at that point but Roxana being the good friend she is tries to help. Frankie goes down an epic spiral of obsession that leads to unfortunate consequences that effect her reputation and her well being in order to please Marcus. If you have ever had a friend in any kind of abusive relationship this book will definitely enable you to get in their head. The thoughts that go through Frankie's mind and heart are cringing, and her reasoning behind them made me sad for her and people like her. I just wanted to hold her at the end of it all. 

Marcus is portrayed as the charmer and the rock star that girls want to be involved with. He also becomes a bit obsessed with Frankie and wants her all to himself. Frankie sees this as a plus and loves him more for it. But as a reader and the talents of Wenmouth, I saw this as something dark. Marcus is an example of consumption in a relationship. He wants to be the center of Frankie's world but hasn't let go of his past and his idea of what he expected his life to look like to give the same to her. Marcus plays a game of tug of war with Frankie, either pulling her full force towards him or completely letting her go. I am in no way saying what he puts Frankie through is right, it isn't, but Wenmouth gave me a "Whoa!" moment when I realized after reading why Marcus, was Marcus. He is the perfect example of what happens when you cross that line of resentment and pin it all on someone else other than the person in the mirror. He is what happens when the darker version of him takes total control. 

Roxana is the reason why it's important to have great healthy friendships. Roxana identifies the dangerous characteristics her relationship with Marcus start to show. She asks the important questions and even though she risks her friendship with Frankie she starts to push. Roxana leads a group of friends that Marcus and Frankie both share, which also warn her beforehand and they also give the book a level of calm when things get too real. They offer humor and are very much needed to tell this important story. This is the group of characters that I hope audiences feel comforted by because they are them. The people who can make a difference for someone in a situation like Frankie's and Marcus', the person who can ask the right questions and be there when needed. They can see what the clouded ones can't. 

I can't say enough good things about Addicted to You. Alix Wenmouth did an amazing job in showing how a relationship can develop into something dark and dangerous. I hope from the bottom of my heart that both male and female audiences will be able to read and learn from this book. It teaches the importance of self worth, what not to take into a relationship, the dangers of obsession and the value of friendship; the list goes on and on. I warn readers that Addicted to You is written with real raw talent and involves abuse, sex, and drug use. But it's done with a high level of honesty in order to get the message of the book. Please read and share with others all books like this because they are important. 

Song Pick with and Extra Goody

After reading Addicted to You only one song entered my mind. Then I remembered the reason why, I'm a So You Think You Can Dance addict and I couldn't get this amazing dance out of my head. It is so Marcus and Frankie and it makes me so sad for people who are in a relationship like this. I also picked a different version of the song that my sister shared with me that suits the book too. So here is the brilliantly choreographed dance and the version of the song that I like for Addicted to You by Alix Wenmouth.

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