Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Song of The Week!

I've been holding onto this song only because I was planning on writing a short story inspired by it but that's just gonna take too long since it's still a WIP. 'Heart Beats' is a great dramatic song with unique drum beats of all sorts in the background. If a song has beats like this one does I'm automatically drawn to it. Plus the two singers of the group Johnnyswim seem to have a lot of passion when singing their lyrics, maybe because they're married which I think is adorable! If my husband and I could sing like these two, you better believe we would! They also have another song titled 'Make' that there isn't an official video for but a teaser trailer is available for their EP that's available now. I've included it below as well and hope you enjoy it! I personally feel they have a Mumford and Sons, and Lumineers vibe that's a bit different. So if you like those guys, you may like these guys. :) 

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