Thursday, July 25, 2013

Song of The Week

Sorry once again for my lack of posting the Song of the Week. I’ve just been super busy with my side business, writing, kids, and just life. But I’m back with a lot of reviews and interviews to follow. On with the music!

This week’s song pick is ‘Shiver’ performed by Lucy Rose. Her voice is like a precious feather. It’s so haunting and angelic; it sounds like strings being played on a violin. Voices like this, at least for me, allow great stories to be told. You stop and hear every lyric so you find out what happens at the end. This song and video are so simplistic and beautiful. My only negative feedback is that ‘Shiver’ is not available in the U.S. to purchase through iTunes, only the video. I love the song so much I may just spend the two bucks.

This song makes me curious about all of the stories Lucy Rose has written. Her other songs are remarkable too, but this is my favorite one. I usually explain what I think the song is about but I don’t need to with ‘Shiver’, you’ll get it. If you don’t, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?  

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