Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Song of the Week!

So sorry I didn't post a song last week. Sort of been busy juggling my TBR pile, my writing, my reviews, my new obsession, oh and that thing called my life. So 'Harper Lee' by Little Green Cars was the song that I wanted to post last week. So I'll give you another song by them that I like as well and will talk about it in just a sec. I really find this groups lyrics interesting. They literally tell a story and their voices are hauntingly good. I love a good voice that can haunt me and Little Green Cars certainly does. 'Harper Lee' caught my attention just because of the title. Like many, To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book and to hear a song with her name in it is fantastic. The song I suppose is like the video explains. A love that is about to die, an innocence maybe depending how you see it. It could be about something totally different but that's what I personally get from the lyrics.

I picked another song by the same group called 'The John Wayne' because of the build up. You think you're gonna hear a slow song about a boy meets girl love story but you get an epic one instead. I simply adore it and the intensity of each singer of Little Green Cars. This band will be HUGE and I predict we will see big things from them. Love their videos, love their music, love them. 

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