Friday, March 1, 2013

What's the News!

Attention music lover junkies who love to read! There is a fantastic Kickstarter going on right now that you can help with. It’s been a year since I’ve read Casey Barnes Eponymous by E.A. Rigg and it’s still one of my favorite books. If you are one of my frequent readers you know how much I LOVE MUSIC! If you visit my blog for this very reason you need to jump over to Kickstarter and see how you can help. If you can pledge a little or a lot, it will be a huge help to E.A Rigg in her journey as a writer. The video that she has included promoting Casey Barnes Eponymous is worth the click alone.

I myself made a pledge because I believe in E.A. Rigg as an author and want to read more of her work. Casey Barnes Eponymous is a book that any music lover would cherish and is an opportunity to learn about new music, read about Casey a character with bite and have a good time. If you have not read Casey Barnes Eponymous then this is the perfect opportunity for you to help. They are great incentives if you pledge, and be quick about it because she has until March 15th and is super close to reaching her goal. So go...Now!

My review of Casey Barnes Eponymous.

It's three weeks into the school year when music junkie Casey Barnes gets a second chance with her mysterious, heartbreaking ex-boyfriend. She comes up with a plan to win him back, but it soon spins out of control as rivalries, revelations about him, and music itself all start to collide. For Casey the newfound attention means learning the difference between wanting center stage and actually being on it.

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