Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Samantha Project by Stephanie Karpinske

Finished The Samantha Project a week ago and can say that Stephanie Karpinske’s series has definite promise. The ending was incredibly suspenseful and has me interested in what else could be in store for Samantha and the other characters in the sequel The Golden Couple, which is available now through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There is a lot of backstory that is involved and necessary for readers to get a full grasp on Samantha as a character. Karpinske sets up a story of a nice girl who never breaks any rules. Samantha is incredibly intelligent and has a picture perfect family that supports her and a great boyfriend. They seem to see more potential in Samantha though. From her superior brain to her looks, she doesn’t seem to quite own it…yet. The Samantha Project in short is about a girl who has it all and when it’s taken away a seed of revenge is firmly planted.



Samantha was seventeen when she finally learned the truth about herself; that she’s part of a corporation’s top-secret genetic enhancement project. They told her she was the only one who survived the experiments. But then she meets Erik. He was raised in a lab until a scientist took him and hid him so nobody would ever find him. But Samantha and Erik somehow found each other. They share a indescribable connection that neither one of them can explain.

Their enhanced genes give them special abilities, like the ability to read minds and communicate with their thoughts. Even with their powers, they’re not safe. The people who are after them will never stop looking. But the more imminent danger is something that lies deep within their cells. It’s just one of many secrets they have yet to discover about themselves.

Samantha is portrayed as a good girl who follows rules, and never lies to her parents. Early in the book she decides to bake pies with her family, which is tradition, instead of bailing to spend time with her boyfriend. So after tragedy strikes I as a reader felt sympathetic to her shattered world because of these family bits that Karpinske includes. I felt it made her tragedy more real. Conspiracy is a major player in Sam’s life now and she has no idea on how to live in it. She has her Uncle Dave who was probably my favorite character in the book. He’s a guy who values friendship and family who gets caught in something that threatens it. He sees Sam as if she is his own daughter and he is what drives her later on in the book. Something that readers may not like about Sam is how indecisive she is about her relationship with Colin.

Erik has a ‘boy next door’ demeanor about him. He is loyal to his father who helps Sam with information about her parents and the corporation that wants her back. Erik is confident but not cocky. When he figures out what needs to get done in order to help him or Sam he just does it, with out question. He is someone that can be counted on. He has just as much reason to find the corporation that made him a lab rat and demand answers. He also knows when to take a serious situation and laugh about it. Erik is far easier going than Sam.

The Samantha Project is a great book. Because of a clear laid out relationship with her parents by author Stephanie Kapinske, Sam’s pain is captured perfectly. Heck I wanted revenge on whoever hurt her. I even liked that Sam was a genetic expert but I often felt overwhelmed by all of the information. There is a lot of detailed scientific explanation that is involved in Samantha and Erik’s story and I felt it took me out of the major plot of the book. I kept comparing this book to Dan Wells’ Partials because of the medical dialogue. I found it fascinating and learned a lot from Dan Wells’ book, but my mind was left on overload in The Samantha Project. This shouldn’t hinder anyone from reading though. If this is your thing you’ll love The Samantha Project. If not, then it may be something you thumb through until the story gets back on track for you.   

Like I said before the ending to this book is amazing. I definitely flipped these pages quickly because of the suspense. I was left wondering about who Sam should trust, if certain people in the story are going to return and what the heck Sam is going to do about her guy situation. The Samantha Project is available for download at Barnes & Noble for only .99 cents and 2.99 at Amazon. While you’re at it you may even want to download the sequel, The Golden Couple as well. 

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