Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Song of The Week!

This next song surprised me and while at work it often plays in my head. About 90% of the time a song is playing in my head while at work. So far I haven’t been able to get ‘Yes, I’m Stalking You’ out of my brain, performed by the unique band Dante vs. Zombies. They are a bit out there but I can’t help but like this song. It can be portrayed as dark or even comedic in the right romantic setting. Maybe Duckie singing to Andie in say…the record store or riding his bike by her house. LOL!

Dante vs. Zombies seems like a mixture of John Waters and The B-52’s. I mean they have a song about a parrot gone mad, that is very B-52’s. No matter how odd my choice is this week I can see the endless possibilities with this song on a fun level. It could totally be placed in a very dark horror movie but we won’t go there because I have to watch scary movies with the hall light on or watch something really funny afterwards to get the scary out of my brain. But you can’t deny the awesome intro to ‘Yes, I’m Stalking You’.

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