Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Song of The Week: Amour Than Ami from Two Hours Traffic

I LOVE THIS BAND!!! You want to know why? Because Two Hours Traffic’s entire album Foolish Blood inspires so many stories and multiple characters for me as a writer. I have a long drive to work and during these drives I listen to tons of music and mini stories spark in my mind. This is when I realized I was a writer. Because of music like the band Two Hours Traffic offers I have cataloged characters to write about in the future and scenes I want to include in my books. This is why I wanted to feature music on my blog as well, because I like the relationship between writing and music, it’s art that inspires art.

I chose Two Hours Traffic’s song ‘Amour Than Ami’ because of this performance. First they sound amazing, if I walked by them I would stop to listen and find lead singer Liam’s flavor comment hysterical. Their lyrics tell a story and are definitely catchy. My personal favorite lyric is clocked at 1:13 because it’s a sincere request from a guy who is in love with a girl. I also like that the band talks about their songs and wish more bands did this. They seem fun when explaining how they wrote this song so I included it. I’ve included my favorite songs from their album Foolish Blood and will tell you now that you should just buy it. It’s that time of year to start listening to fun music like Two Hours Traffic offers. And I agree that they should get some radio play on the West coast. 

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