Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On The Run, The Second Book in The Phenomenon Trilogy by Cris Raabe

On The Run
By Chris Raabe
Pages: 223
Publication: Lunker Productions
*I received this book for an honest review.

I was very impressed with Chris Raabe’s first book in The Phenomenon Trilogy. The main character Christian still remains to be the same kind and loyal young man from the previous book. He is on the run just like the title states and even though he cannot contact his family they continue to look out for him and his new friends. The book picks up immediately after the first books ending. Christian has left his old innocent world for a new life on the run from the government who will stop at nothing to get ahold of him and the special ability he possesses.

Readers will find out more about Ray, Alexis, and Samantha while they try to stay safe. Chris Raabe did a pretty decent job of lying out a story with many levels of suspense, drama, and a few moments of laughter between this original group of teens. I did miss Christian’s family and even though I knew they wouldn’t be able to be present in this book I still hoped.



The Threat is Looming and They Can Trust No One...

Christian Pearson and his fellow Phenomenon Children are in serious peril. Each of them possesses a special gift, and the government knows it. Wanted, they are on their own with no one to help them stay hidden. Each turn could spell disaster, but they have to keep moving.

Where can they go for help? Who can they trust? Every decision they make could be their last, but they have to stay on the run.

When they finally escape from what they fear most, an even greater danger looms...

Christian is dealing with way more than before. His Father and Grandfather put themselves on the line for him when assisting in his escape and he can only worry that they are okay without any word on their status. His relationship with his girlfriend is pretty innocent until they arrive in Arizona but it was done in Chris Raabe’s respectable form and created a memorable moment for the two. It was surprising to see Christian in a jealous state in regards to his relationship with Samantha, and the rage that overcomes him slightly reveals a less perfect version of Christian which was expected, but made him more real.

I think I favored Alexis in this book more, probably because of her take-charge demeanor. She seems more of a big sister to Christian and never misses an opportunity to make a joke out of an embarrassing situation for him. Even though readers may think they know everything about Sam from the first book, Chris Raabe gives more details into her background. Her family is a great example of how a family can laugh together and support each other.

My only negative critiques are the issues with pace. It didn’t pick up as fast as I wanted to. I was able to read the franticness of the teens situation but I don’t know if it was the detail in the dialogue or what exactly made it seem slower up until the second half of the book. About midway through is when the pace picked up tremendously. I also wanted to read more about Christian using his ability. I know that he needs water to do anything, and it wasn’t exactly everywhere but I missed it.

On The Run steps it up in the maturity department with fans, but that’s necessary when the teens that are reading are in fact aging. So this reflects Chris Raabe’s ability to identify with his audience. I still think that this is a book that young men will enjoy and it has a bit of romance for the fans wondering about Samantha and Christian. The ending was very unexpected and intense enough for me to want to know what is going to happen to Christian Pearson. 

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