Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Song of The Week

This song is adorable! ‘Someday’ from The Growlers is a song off the group’s new album that was just released last week entitled Hung At Heart. The lyrics of 'Someday' are fun and catchy. A song that includes the word bologna in the lyrics and can make it sound heartfelt is definitely worth a listen. The song seems to be depicting someone dreaming up possibilities with someone they hope to make their wife. I love this song because of the heartfelt message of someone who wants to make the other person feel wonderful. One person who just wants to take care of the other, no matter how dismal the situation.

Brookes Neilson's voice is very unique and ties perfectly with the 1960’s beach and sunny vibe. I would have loved to dance to this song with my husband on our wedding day for fun. The Growlers vocals, guitars and drums would push anyone to the dance floor. The band originates from Long Beach California and also has three other albums prior to Hung At Heart. Take a listen and enjoy!

Just wanted to let you all know that next month I plan to only pick cover songs for my Song of The Week feature. February is officially Cover Month, so stay tuned!


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