Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Song of The Week

I am going a bit peppy with this week’s song choice. Matt & Kim have a handful of albums out and are a lot of fun to listen to. They have original videos that are available on their YouTube Channel Matt and Kim. They do have one for the song that I’ve picked, ‘AM/FM Sound’ only it’s just them filming an ongoing video of a road trip they took while on tour with Blink 182 and Chemical Romance. Not to entertaining compared to their other videos. However the song is probably perfect for a road trip.

This song inspired me to write one of my favorite scenes in one of my books that I hope to self-publish. It’s not about a road trip but I picture someone waiting on the hood of a car at night waiting for something big to happen. I encourage you to take a look at Matt & Kim’s other videos. I am a stickler for lyrics and they actually post videos that reveal their song lyrics in a quirky way. Well now I feel the need to post a fun lyric video by them as well. So I guess you’ll get two songs this week.

Warning: Matt & Kim will put you in a cheery and dancing mood after listening.

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