Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Well there is absolutely no doubt that I am a fan of the Warm Bodies book by Isaac Marion. If you know me personally you know that I can never shut up about it. I even managed to nab a signed copy of Isaac Marion’s Hungry Mouth and will always treasure it. So I was a jittery mess when a very special someone, who I actually recommended Warm Bodies to, gave their advance screening passes to me! (Not because they didn’t want to see it, but were unable to attend.) I was able to see Warm Bodies almost a month before it came out! Then it occurred to me, I could actually post a review about the movie, so I am!

I loved the movie! It was a bit different than the book but not in a bad way. Is still depicts the classic romantic story that we all know. There was definitely more of a comedic and sarcastic approach to the movie that I feel audiences will be drawn to by word of mouth. Let’s face it; the posters that are up in your local theaters are playing to a certain type of audience. However this audience largely consists of people like me who will drag their significant others to see the movie they want to see. My husband who has yet to read the book left the theater saying, “I actually like that movie! I can’t believe how much I laughed. It had something for you and something for me.”

I think that Jonathon Levine did a pretty good job of directing and writing the script. He managed to pull out the best parts of the book and tweek them a bit for the fans and new audiences. I was disappointed in the ending though. People who have read the book will understand and fans that are awaiting Isaac Marion’s sequel to Warm Bodies. But the sequel wasn’t announced until a year after the movie was completed, so I won’t be too hard.

Nicholas Hoult did a remarkable job of playing the believable zombie named R whose heart can now feel. The book was told from his perspective, with very little dialogue. You can tell a story with little dialogue but a movie is different. Hoult had to express his character through facial expressions and by doing this I realized how talented he is and look forward to seeing more of him on screen in the future.

Rob Corddry steals the show with his comedic single word lines that have laugh out loud timing. He’s a better version of M that I didn’t expect to like so much. He doesn’t say much, because he is a zombie, but when he does it’s hysterical.  

Teresa Palmer does a pretty good job with her character Julie. She has her funny moments with R and portrayed just the amount of fear for a girl stuck in a zombie apocalypse. I liked her most when she interacts with her dad played by John Malcovich, who I wish was in the movie just a bit more. I didn’t like how many times her character asks R, “Who…are…you?” but that’s not really her fault.

The music was perfect for the movie. I don’t believe there was any new music. It was all dated and some current. Which was a realistic choice in order to portray what R’s character connects with as a zombie. There is even a funny moment that allows the song ‘Pretty Woman’ to have a moment in the movie. I have read a couple of posts regarding the music in the movie, saying that it took them out of the moment. If you are a fan of the book I don’t think you’ll feel this way, only because music is a character in the book.

I would watch this movie again. I really have to though because I have two friends that want to go see it at two different times. Lucky me! Even though the movie is about a zombie starting to fall in love, it will connect with a wide audience because of it’s humor that is similar to Shaun of The Dead, and a look into what we as human beings want to live for and why. The movie is about how we connect with people, whether it’s for love or friendship.

Warm Bodies comes out in theaters February 1st. I feel this is great movie to go see with friends or on a date night. It’s release date is perfect for the Valentine Day holiday that is approaching and will satisfy both the romantic and the zombie lover. So take my advice and give this one a chance. When the movie is over the credits will roll and the audience will clap. Seriously, they might because mine sure did which surprised the hell out me. A movie with applause is a good sign.

There you have it, my first and only movie review. I only did this because I hold the book close to my heart and wanted to share it with others. I’m just really glad I liked the film. It would have totally sucked if I hated it? LOL!

Be sure to click the poster to see trailer and the first four minutes of the film!

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