Monday, December 31, 2012

Song of The Week to End The Year!!!

I chose to post this song on this day because it’s New Years Eve. ‘In The New Year’ performed by The Walkmen is the perfect song to end 2012 and start 2013. This song came into my life during a dark time for me. The moment I heard lead singer Hamilton Leithauser belt out the chorus I had instant goose bumps and a tingle up my spine, I still do whenever I hear it. I imagine myself singing it out loud at the top of my lungs with open arms. Open arms for all the things that are right in my life. The love of my life, my children, family and friends all pass through my brain as I listen to the lyrics of this epic song that I hope others will love. How could you not? I connected to this song because for me I can hear the heart and soul of Hamilton Leithauser as he sings it. 

I chose to post the video and a live performance that is my favorite because you can see how much The Walkmen love to perform it. This song is meant to be played loud and cause a smile in your heart that will spark something inside of you. Whether it’s to take a massive big step in your life or realize how great your life is and tell the people in it that they matter to you and you love them. Can you tell that I hold this song VERY close to my heart? Well I do. Listen to the lyrics and play it today. I know you will absolutely want to listen to it over and over again. Happy New Year!

I encourage you to listen to more of The Walkmen. I love all of there albums because their music is amazing. Be sure to click on the links below for more info.


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