Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Song/VIdeo of The Week!

I LOVE THIS SONG! Anytime it plays in my car I can’t help but sing along with it. I seriously don’t think anyone can listen to Yeasayer’s ‘Tightrope’ without wanting to sing or sway to it. When I heard my two-year old son in the back seat singing along with it I knew what song I would recommend this week. Yeasayer’s lyrics are absolutely inspiring and anyone could attach a personal moment that is described in the song. I personally feel it holds the power to make someone feel they can do anything they dream, even if an occasionally obstacle gets in their way. You can find ‘Tightrope’ on the Dark Was The Night album, a 2 cd collaboration of independent artists that donated their songs to benefit the awareness of AIDS /HIV.

I’ve included two versions of this song. One is the way ‘Tightrope’ was recorded on Dark Was The Night and the other is Yeasayer in the process of writing the song while in Paris. Because of the noise neighbors in the middle of the night interrupt the band while singing, but the video is fun because of the mass of people who help the band construct the song. Enjoy!


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