Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Song of The Week!

Today’s Song of The Week is from my all time favorite band Glasvegas. Not too many people know of them and I am spreading the word. If you happen to watch the show Chuck then you may have heard of them. They had a single that played called ‘Daddy’s Gone’ that fans went crazy for. It was probably one of the top ten moments of the show. All of Glasvegas’ songs are great but this one has the most epic lyrics that I have heard. It’s my husbands ring tone as well I might add.

The band is from Glasgow and Scottish lead singer Jame’s lyrics can be hard to understand at first, but then you understand every word once you get attached to a song. I was lucky enough to see Glasvegas live and it was INCREDIBLE! Sadly both of my concert T’s have been worn out but I swear to keep them always so that I may remember that night! My best friend and I swear James stared in our direction in our small balcony for about a minute. I have proof but the video is horrible quality and it would be far too embarrassing to serve that as evidence.

When this single came out from their second album Euphoria, Take My Hand, I texted this very friend some of the lyrics. She read them out loud as she was reading and the break room full of employees said, “Ahhh, that’s so sweet.” Of course they thought she was receiving a text and not song lyrics, a funny story for a great song. I encourage you to take a listen and look into Glasvegas’ music. It’s a pleasure for the ears and soul.


  1. Great song! It has a really retro, new wave sound. How do you find such cool, obscure bands?

  2. I guess I just seek out the unknown. Lol. I don't listen to the radio much so I'm never familiar with popular bands. I pretty much get lost on iTunes through the maze of recommendations.


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