Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Song of The Week!

I am a huge fan of The Voice and encourage people to watch because the contestants are really talented and give great performances. So my two song selections, that’s right two because I just couldn’t decide are related to the show I love so dearly. I have been listening to the Grace Potter single ‘Stars’ a lot lately and was surprised that some of the judges hadn’t heard this beautiful song. Amanda Brown the contestant who performed it did a great job but I just prefer the original only because I connected with it more. ‘Stars’ could be interpreted into different forms of loss to people depending on where there are in life. I wasn’t sure about Grace Potter and The Nocturnal’s when their first album was released last year but after hearing this song I feel differently now and would love to own both their albums. Yes that was a subtle hint to my friends and family who are reading this. Christmas is closing in and I’m leaving clues now and until the holiday hits. Enjoy the song and read on for my next song pick that even surprised me.

Okay so while watching The Voice and seeing Carson Daly announcing that Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton’s were about to perform their duet I was like, “Seriously! This is gonna be SO weird.” But the musical gods shined upon the stage and it was AMAZINGLY good. I listened to ‘Just a Fool’ on repeat in my car on the ride to work yesterday, and through Youtube because I don’t own the album. The lyrics tell a story of two people who couldn’t manage to stay together. They know they are not good together but still wish that it could happen. The lyric ‘I had my heart set on you’ is so sad and makes me say, “Ahh why can’t they just be together?” The video that I’m sharing from Youtube has Christina Aguilera speaking briefly about the song and what Blake Shelton said that had me laughing out loud. I always ask people if they watch The Voice and many say no to my surprise. Maybe America is bit burned out on these types of televised competitions but this one is really worth taking a chance on. So enjoy the song that I would have never have heard if I did not watch The Voice. 

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