Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Song/Video of The Week!

Okay so I’m going to start posting my Song/Video of The Week choice now. Instead of having it on the sidebar as usual. Only because that way I can add a little commentary to it and explain why I picked it. Plus in case you need to refer back to the song or forget it, it’s right here forever and always.

I picked this song because my husband always tries to one up me on new bands. He’ll come up to me explaining this great song or band that he heard of like it’s a secret he only knows then I say, “Yeah I heard of them and actually bough that on iTunes already.” This time he actually surprised me. I don’t know every band under the sun, that’s impossible, but he found this great song that reminded him of me and chose to purchase the CD online and have it shipped to the house just because of the one song. Yes he could have just purchased the one song, but that would spoil the surprise of conquering my superior knowledge. He played it proudly and I loved it. So here is the wonderful and peppy song that makes me smile and will forever go down in my husband’s scorecard as the day he won. 

Oh and if you have a song to share email me or leave a comment. I LOVE hearing about new music!

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