Friday, October 19, 2012

Oracle: Fire Island Provides An Even Bigger Adventure for Ret Cooper.

Our favorite character Ret Cooper returns in Oracle: Fire Island, the second book in C.W. Trisef’s Oracle series. This was a very different pace then the first book and rightfully so. Ret is no longer the lost soul curious about his past, instead he is even more determined to find out whatever he can about his past and the other elements. The first book Sunken Earth read more like a tale of self-discovery. In Fire Island I feel readers need to prepare for an even bigger adventure. Ret’s story is far more adventurous because he travels to South America in a hot air balloon provided by none other then Ben Coy, and when Ben Coy is involved it’s always best to expect something brilliant. This again is a fantastic read for guys but I only say that because it can be difficult for guys to find a great read in the teen genre. Not that a good book doesn’t exist, just that they take more work to find…sometimes.




The adventure continues! With the first element (earth) painfully collected within the Oracle, Ret Cooper and his friends return home to find that things are only heating up. Thanks to some mischief caused by the peculiar Benjamin Coy, Ret’s second scar makes its explosive debut. But what does it mean, and where will it take them? These questions gnaw at Ret as he begins his sophomore year at Tybee High.

With challenging twists, inspired turns, and a few unexpected surprises, our hero once again confronts danger and disaster, while discovering newfound feelings for a certain female companion. Old friends and foes, along with a few new ones, follow Ret as more of our world’s mysteries lead him to Fire Island and the second element (fire). Ancient artifacts, a hot-air balloon, lines in the desert, a city in the mountains, tribal societies, and even the navel of the world all play their parts in Ret’s continued quest to fill the Oracle.

This second installment in the Oracle series is a must read, full of fun, adventure, and wholesome purpose. Hang on tight as author C.W. Trisef takes you to places and predicaments you have never seen before or even imagined, and makes you feel like you are a part of Ret’s destiny, to cure the world.

Ret is still the same loyal guy from the first book but there is more desperation in his search for the element. He is so enveloped in his search he doesn’t notice that his friend Paige is interested in him and even though it isn’t him that asks his sister Ana to get into trouble at school for him it just didn’t seem like something Ret would stand by and allow. It isn’t necessarily a flaw but more of a realistic view of Ret and how much he craves to know about his past. I feel that Ret learns an admirable lesson about having to let things go from a new character Lionel. Sometimes people can be too passionate about things and walk a fine line of obsession. This was a great surprise in the book for me and probably may favorite part of the entire book.

Lionel is someone who was introduced in the first book and seems to hold a lot of secrets sometimes, at least in Ben Coy’s eyes. Ben doesn’t get along to well with Lionel and is often competitive with Lionel in Ret’s trust. This actually makes for funny reading material if you are familiar with Ben Coy and his extravagant behavior. He definitely does not disappoint in the second book and has a variety of moments. Even in the most dangerous situations he can still make you laugh and make it believable.

Oracle: Fire Island takes you on a very detailed trip into South America. You get to read about the characters traveling to Peru and visiting Machu Picchu and The Navel of the World Rock. Of course I would recommend a book like this to any teen or adult. It’s always great when a book can offer a world wind escape. Author C.W. Trisef executed the end of this book very well. There are so many things that happen in the last couple of chapters and an absolute cliffhanger ending that was not expected and will have readers wanting more.  

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  1. Thanks for your review. This sounds like a great new series. I love the pictures and videos on the website. Looking forward to reading it!!


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