Friday, September 28, 2012

Zombie Corner: Ed Undead, a Great Teen Introduction to Zombies

This particular book caught my attention while on Twitter. Author Edward Kent had posted the trailer that he had made for his book Ed Undead. I decided to post the trailer on my Facebook page and then re-tweeted the trailer. That’s when author Edward Kent got in touch with me for a review. Not only did the trailer grab my attention, the cover that is illustrated by Evan Ferrell is a tempting invitation to read Ed’s story simply because you can see that something is not quite right with Ed. What I liked about the book is that it seems very guy friendly. I could see this book grasping a teen boys interest as well as a girl. The story flows pretty well and the flashbacks that are within the book are never confusing. I did welcome the fact that when we are introduced to Ed he is already in a stable relationship with his girlfriend. This adds a magnificent white elephant to the story regarding Ed who is currently going through the transitions of turning into a zombie and what Lisa Jane may have to do when his time is up.




I never believed that I would have to live through a zombie apocalypse. One day I was Ed Kirk, a normal sixteen-year-old boy with a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend, and a full life ahead of me.
Now I'm on the run from zombies, being hunted by a dark force that threatens my very existence, all the while trying to escape this town and find help. Oh, yeah, one more thing:
I'm a zombie too!

Ed is an average sixteen year-old teen who doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not. He treats people with respect because of his parents and is naturally kind hearted. So it makes Ed’s story more tragic because he’s a good guy who is now cursed to live life as a zombie. Edward Kent provides a lot of detail in Ed’s change such as resistance to pain or inability to remember things. I’m only going to give minor details of his change so I don’t spoil it for readers. Ed is also surprisingly resourceful in the midst of zombies taking over his town. It makes me curious of what type of teen he was before this and what his interests may have been. You are immediately put into his current state of the zombie invasion that you miss that. I’m not saying that the story is lacking because of it, only that I thought about the character, which is a good thing.

Lisa Jane is the girl in high school that all the boys want and Ed got her simply by being himself. Who wouldn’t like a girl like that standing beside the hero of the story? She shined the most for me when she is face to face with Ed who she realizes is changing, and in order to protect herself she ties him up but does not kill him. The moment is laced with a sweet memory of the couple before the town is taken over by zombies and gives a view into their untainted world. This makes their dialogue believable when times get rough, especially when Ed has to ask Lisa Jane to do the unthinkable if he gets worse.

Ed Undead is an excellent intro for any teen into the world of zombies. It’s graphic in the right areas but never takes it too far. It doesn’t have an intense amount of gore like more adult zombie books tend to have. It does have levels of drama that I think any teen can handle and appreciate. I say this because Edward Kent seems to tackle the topic of family in his zombie world. Ed has lost his and is desperate to find them, hoping they are still alive. The characters also come across another family that puts Ed in a difficult situation that had my own heart stop because I didn’t know what Ed would do.

So I strongly recommend this book for any teen, especially boys who find it difficult to find something amongst the teen selections. I found it entertaining and was even surprised that Edward Kent managed to squeeze in some humor in a dark situation. Some people shy away from zombie books but this is one that you probably shouldn’t because it’s a great intro into the genre. If you find you like it, then you can eventually branch off into the heavier stuff.   


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