Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Year Blogiversary!!!

I cannot believe it’s already been an entire year since I started I Blog, You Read. It has been incredible so far. I have been open to an entire new world of authors and have read books that I wouldn’t have found if I had not decided to create this blog. I started I Blog, You Read to simply talk about books. I have no rating system only because I just don’t like to put a book in a box. Everyone is different and a five star book may be only a two star book for someone else. This has worked for me so far, so I’ll continue to review all books in the same manner and hopefully open some minds and get the right book in the right set of hands.

I just want to say thank you to all the wonderful people that click over to read my reviews and to all the extraordinary authors that have contacted me for reviews. I was seriously taken back by the idea that so many authors wanted me to read their books and give my opinion on their work. I am a writer that is not published and because of this blog I’ve decided to just do it myself…sometime this year hopefully.

So now with the fun stuff to celebrate I Blog, You Read’s One Year Blogiversary. As you know I have decided to feature only self-published authors this month. They have made a great impact on me this year and have been an inspiration. It’s been a bit stressful scheduling this month out but I hope that everyone enjoys my month long feature. Here’s what’s to come.

  •  My first interview ever with debut author Kristen Robertson. Kristen Robertson is a new author who is venturing off to write her first YA paranormal novel The Dreamwalker. So I only see that it is fitting to interview an author who is on the brink of self-publishing her first YA novel.
  •  Author E.A. Rigg of Casey Barnes Eponymous will also be doing a guest post here at I Blog, You Read. YAY! I’m super excited that she will be here for my Blogiversary because she is one of the standout authors that influenced this feature. I adore her book Casey Barnes Eponymous and I am very excited to have it as one of this months first GIVEAWAYS! Stay tuned for that one reader’s. Visit E.A. Rigg's Blog Here.
  • JUST ADDED! Ashley S. Morgan author of Torn will also be doing a guest post at I Blog, You Read and a GIVEAWAY! She's a talented self-published author and was recently chosen by Lauren Oliver for her 200 word submission for her collaboration challenge. Way to go Ashley!
  • I will also feature a new post category called What’s The News? This will feature any news about anything YA & Teen. Whether it is a cover reveal, a temporary marked down of a hot book, maybe a new author with a debut book, the possibilities are really endless with What’s The News? This month will only feature self-published news of course. J
  • My Last new item for the year will involve my second love, music. I have been tweeting authors of books that I’ve read and reviewed, sending them songs that I feel identify with the theme of their book, and I have gotten surprising responses from authors Tom Leveen, Morgan Matson, and Susan Dennard. So I will now be doing this as a regular thing. So if you’re interested in finding out my selection follow me on Twitter. If you want to find out their responses then like me on Facebook.     

So there you go, some new things for I Blog, You Read on its One Year Blogiversary! So make sure to check in and see all the reviews this month in support of all self-published authors. Don’t forget to check me out on Facebook and Twitter and follow me by email to the right. See you tomorrow.

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