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My First Interview With Debut Author Kristen Robertson.

Okay so today is the official day that I started my blog. I realized about a month ago that I started blogging exactly on August 13th. People who know me personally know that the number thirteen is not an unlucky number for me. A lot of important and special things happen for me that involve the number thirteen. So a year ago today coincidentally, I decided to post my first review for a book I still can’t shut up about. Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour from Morgan Matson is what ignited my inner blogger. I had to get this fantastic book in peoples hands and I continue to do the same for every book that stays with me long after the book has been read. So I have decided to invite Kristen Robertson author of The Dreamwalker for my first interview on my One Year Blogiversary to celebrate her debut. Enjoy and Thank you!

About the author:
Kristen is a writer, reader, and baker (not specifically in that order). If she's not writing, or reading her current find, she can usually be found in the kitchen baking cupcakes. She loves to watch TV and movies and is a sucker for anything with Gerard Butler in it. Her first novel, The Dreamwalker, will be published August 2012!

I am always interested when a story occurs to an author. Where were you exactly when The Dreamwalker came to mind?

The idea for The Dreamwalker actually came to me one night at work (I worked at a bookstore at the time) but it wasn't exactly the same as the final book ended up being. All I had was this idea of a girl who had to write a paper about her summer vacation but she couldn't because her home life sucked and she just wanted to get away. The original character of Olivia went by a different name and was in the sixth grade but as the character developed in my mind she started to grow up and Olivia was born.

Did you ever have your characters on a different path then what ended up playing out, anything that would shock your readers?

Well, since the character was to originally be a sixth grader she wasn't going to run away from home but find herself going into her closet to escape and emerging in a fantasy world. Jackson was going to play a different role in Olivia's life (can't really say what because it will be a serious spoiler) and his true connection to her will be revealed in book 2.

Who is the perfect cast for Dreamwalkers?

Oh my gosh, I think about this all the time and am really glad you asked. I cast books when I read them and when I write them it is no different. Sebastian in my mind is Ethan Peck (even though he's a little too old, he was my inspiration). I had seen him on the show "10 things I hate about you" and fell in love with his mysterious eyes but warm and trustworthy smile. Ever since watching the show I wanted to write a character like that, and that is who Sebastian is. I had no idea about Olivia until I watched Mirror, Mirror the other day and saw Lily Collins. She was fantastic in that movie and I think she shows the same kind of fight Olivia does. Olivia's father would be played by John Corbett mostly because I love his smile too and he just seems like he'd be a really cool guy. Jackson was John Schneider even before I realized it. I wanted to write a character like how he played Jonathan Kent and I think I hit on some of that. Plus, I just love him. Who do you picture as the perfect cast while reading?

Well as soon as I read Olivia I thought of Malese Jow (Ana on Vampire Diaries season one). She seems tough yet still feminine. Sebastian would be Diego Boneta (Rock of Ages) simply because of the description you gave in the book, I only see him. I can see Powell as Drew Roy (Fallen Skies) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, The Watchman) as Jackson only because he seems so sad all the time. Finally Brooke would be Georgia Groome. I just saw her in Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. She's the perfect BFF for Olivia.

Wow you are a genius! They are perfect for the roles. 

Thanks! Well Who is the character that is the most fun to write for?

I have an inability to pick just one because I love all the characters. Alyx was probably the most fun because I had never written such an evil character before. It actually came easier than I expected. Rasha, Kyle and Brooke were all pretty fun to write for because I felt free to just have fun with their characters. I enjoyed writing the dialogue for Sebastian an Olivia because I was very conscientious of how they acted with each other. I didn't want to have Olivia completely lose herself in this guy she had just met. I wanted her to continue being a strong girl.

Okay so this is your debut novel, does this experience differ from your short story release?

Oh my gosh! This release just feels like a weight is being lifted off my shoulders. With my short story, it was something I had done for my creative writing class and it had been pulled apart and critiqued by a class of twenty, including the professor. The Dreamwalker had me and my trusty friend and that was it. At times I felt overwhelmed but my friend would just keep telling me to press on because she wanted the next chapter, dammit! I am just so glad to see these years (yeah, years!) finally coming to an end.

What’s your one piece of writing advice?

Gah! There are so many things to say. Every writer is different in the methods they use. Keep in mind that writing is hard and it'll kick your butt, and often times you'll wanna give up because it's so damn frustrating but you have to find what works for you and what keeps you sane. I once asked this same thing of a writer I admired, who has now become my friend, and she had a clear schedule she set out for writing but even she sometimes said to hell with it and had some wine instead. One thing I will say is to let your characters decide what happens sometimes. It sounds weird, but if you are a writer you either understand or someday you will.

Anything you'd like to add or let people know about your debut novel The Dreamwalker?

Oh, it's so nice to see those words, "debut novel, The Dreamwalker!" It was a long and sometimes difficult journey to create this book especially because I had never created anything like it before. It is a teen fantasy book but I hope people can look at it and not compare it to other teen fantasy or sci-fi books (which I am a fan of). I didn't write this because I wanted to create another story like all the others. I created the world of the Cognitives because these characters were begging to be freed from my mind and put onto paper, and their story is not done yet!

Read my review for The Dreamwalker below and please feel free to leave comments too. 

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