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Guest Post and GIVEAWAY from E.A. Rigg and Playlist For Casey Barnes!

I invited E.A. Rigg author of Casey Barnes Eponymous to do a guest post this month because her writing stayed with me long after finishing her book. Her lead character Casey is outrageous with a silver tongue of sarcasm to match.  The best thing about her is that she makes secret playlists for random people she doesn’t know then manages to slip the list in their belongings, surprising them with her music for them.

E.A. Rigg is a fantastic author and is self-published! She is currently writing a new book that's going to be part of a series that I can't wait for. She also has one short story online, one that was adapted for national radio, and she used to be in a band. E.A Rigg is the very reason for this month’s feature and I am glad to have her here, AND she’s giving away a copy of Casey Barnes Eponymous to one lucky reader, so let’s see what’s on her mind today. And check out the giveaway below.

Click above on Casey Barnes Eponymous for my review.

I think I’ve worked out why the whole Kristen-Stewart-cheats-on-Robert-Pattison-with-old-married-guy scandal is the biggest piece of guilty pleasure celebrity gossip to hit the airwaves in ages: It’s got a clear villain and a clear hero.

Villain: Kristen Stewart cheats on hot, doting boyfriend.  Cheats with married guy who has two kids.  Married guy whose wife was nice to her. 

Hero: Robert Pattison loves her with the power of ten men and gets cheated on.  Stays out of the public eye for a few weeks and then re-emerges to do press for a new film.  In every interview gracefully evades questions from middle-aged interviewers about his love life and brings conversation back to the film.  Has behaved well in the public face of humiliation while the villainess has yet to show her face.

So often celebrity scandals start off with a distinct good and bad guy.  Then other details emerge and the players appear either scummy, set up, or just plain dumb.  Take, for instance, the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes breakup, a tale no one could get enough of until the Stewart-Sanders-Pattison story broke.  At first Katie Holmes was painted as a sweet damsel who escaped a controlling husband to save her little girl from the evil throes of Scientology.  But then an article in New York magazine pointed out the extent to which Katie and her team had placed that image in our heads.  Among other specifics, the article pointed out the ease with which Katie could slip in and out of her New York City apartment building by way of an underground garage and thus not have the press photograph her child as much as they have.  Yet she has consistently chosen to walk out the front door of the building, in the process exposing a six-year-old to hordes of paparazzi daily, and giving tabloid readers everywhere an image of a caring parent.  I’m not saying Tom Cruise sounds anything less than wacked, but she doesn’t sound so great either.  Point being, no one’s hands are truly clean in that mess.

There are other angles to the Kristen Stewart story.  She is far from being the first twenty-two-year-old to make a mistake, and a big one at that.  And how much does it suck if, despite being a multi-millionaire, you have to live your personal life in such a fishbowl of publicity that every time you screw up, the world talks about it?  Also there are two other people integrally involved in this story, namely the director Kristen cheated with and his wife.  Another bad guy and good girl, in this case, but because neither of them has the level of fame the young actors do, for the most part no one cares about their sins or lack thereof.

Which brings us back to the main point:  Every time I wait in line at the supermarket I dive for a tabloid so I can get an update on this particular scandal.  He’s been staying at Reese’s house.  She’s been dropped from the sequel.  He is doing press.  She is not.  I am keeping score.  Am I embarrassed about it?  Sure.  But I’m still reading.  Because the shades of black and white have yet to be blurred.  In fact it’s almost like a fairy tale, or like the first act of one anyway, the part where the hero gets wronged.  And, aside from the cinema, it’s not very often we get to see fairy tales play out.  I did see a film version of one a month or so ago.  Snow something.  The name will come to me.

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  • Leave a song of your choice for Casey in the comment box below and the reason why you like it. If possible I will post song choice from Youtube link when I announce the winner. 
I think Casey Barnes Eponymous is a great read for any YA music lover and want to share this fabulous book. So enter please and share with friends. Goodluck! 

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  1. oh wait... i found it!! i couldn't find the comment box. anywhos, so i could totally give you a whole playlist on my own for E.A. but i will give you two songs that i've really loved lately.

    1. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead-Stars
    2. Lately- The Helio Sequence

    I love these songs because they're both positive break-up songs. at least the most positive you can be after a break up. The thing I like most about both of these songs is that they aren't songs about bashing your ex or how shitty the relationship was, but they send more of the message that they got closure and that they're okay. They've been sad and the break up broke their heart but they don't regret anything, they're glad to have known their ex and to have gone through what they did but they're okay now and they got through it. And that is what i truly love about both songs.

  2. You aren't the only one Katie Ann! However, I love angry break up songs.

    Fuck you, it's over- Glasvegas

    Then a sad, pining break up song.

    Welcome to Orlando- Kilowatthours

  3. I google Robsten unabashedly when working the nook stand. I can't say that I particularly cared about them before, but two seemingly ideal relationships destroyed with a few clicks of a paparazzi camera in such trashy conditions? Yep, insane curiosity.


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