Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rapture, the final installment of the Fallen series....egh.

I have followed this series merely so I could read how Luc and Daniel’s story ends. After reading Passions the third book in the Fallen series I was eagerly awaiting the final installment. I will admit I liked the series but wasn’t drop dead in love with it. I only got into it after Lauren Kate’s impressive book Passion, which is still a favorite of mine but with Rapture I was half disappointed and yet somewhat satisfied.

So we left Luc and Daniel at the hands of Lucifer, who had been posing as Bill, a guide through her past lives. Now Luc and Daniel have to figure out the location of where the angels fell to earth in order to stop Lucifer from erasing the past and starting over again. In doing this Luc will come face to face with absolute sacrifice and will come to find that Daniel may not have been her first love.

So Luc is still the same for me in Rapture. She’s strong and comes to her own conclusions patiently. She is faced with a lot of challenges that will push her to her very edge, and I as a reader enjoyed her revelations that happen in the book. I did see the ending coming but not in the talented way that Lauren Kate tied it up in a perfect bow. I could see that maybe she knew Luc’s ending from the very beginning.

Daniel was so good in Passions and even in the first book Fallen but in Rapture little things made a big impact in tearing his character down a bit. He always seemed to know what Luc’s real story was and after the ending I could see how this tore his character up emotionally but he seemed a bit too romantic at times with Luc. Yes I know he finally had Luc after chasing her through time but sometimes he was just too gooey for me. I know this might be deemed unnatural of me but there was a scene that could have been played off as cute, but when he came rowing up in a gondola while in Venice wearing one of those straw top hats with a ribbon around it I could not take him seriously anymore, especially when he was described wearing a black t-shirt with a red scarf around his neck in the middle of August. This is the same Daniel who flipped off Luc when they first saw each other. I don’t think that type of guy would be caught dead doing this.  

What I loved about the book was the tracking of the relics in order to locate the place of the angel’s fall and the final ritual that has a heart-wrenching turn of events. I enjoy when books can take you places of historical importance. What I feel failed in the book where the many characters that had to be involved in the story. Again I’m not a cult follower of the series but because of Passions I was taken out of Sword and Cross Reform School and forgot some of the characters. I would recommend reading the second book if you’re not an endearing follower as a refresher.

I do feel that in the past books Luc and Daniel seemed to fight a bit more for their cause. There was just a lot of angry talk in this book and even though the story ended nicely; the final, final story (don’t want to spoil anything) fell flat and was a bit to simple for this epic of a story. But if you have been questioning reading Rapture you may just do so simply because I mentioned it now.

Serious romantics would love this book and all of its whimsical angelic flights with Daniel through the clouded skies and across the seas. If you are rolling your eyes right now, Rapture isn’t your next read. It was a bit too romantic and not enough Paranormal, and feel any romantic cynics may want to take a step back from Rapture. If you can look past that and enjoy the history of the fallen angels then this could be for you too. So you decide for yourselves.  

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