Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Attention Self-published Teen Authors!


This coming August will be I Blog, You Read’s one year anniversary. I can honestly say that I didn’t know what to expect from this blog. I sincerely wanted to just read books and post my opinion of them. It frustrated me that a lot of great teen books weren’t getting their moment in the spotlight. The teen book world seems exclusively top ten lately and even though those books are usually great, some wonderful books get shelved in the shadows of these titles. So I make it a point to grab a book that’s shelved in the back so that I can recommend something different.

What I didn’t expect was to be asked to review so many books by authors themselves and their agents. I was most surprised by how many great self- published authors are out there trying to get the word out on their book. I have come across some books that I just couldn’t believe were denied by publishers. It’s very obvious that the publishing world is changing. So I have made a decision that during the entire month of August I will review only self-published YA authors. I’m hoping that I can fit in as many as possible but it all depends on life and how fast I can read.

I will of course have to list some requirements so that I can pack in the most authors. Unfortunately I have had to refuse on books simply because they were too long to fit in an already full schedule of reviews so I will have to be a bit more stricter on myself when it comes to my selection process. Keep in mind I’m doing this so that I can find the best self-published teen books possible, In order to do this I will have firmer guidelines for August.

So if you have a great teen book that you have published yourself and you think I may like send me a request and I’ll give an honest review.


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