Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oracle - Sunken Earth, The First of Many

I was given Oracle - Sunken Earth by C.S. Trisef, for review and what interested me most about the book was that it was a seven part series. The book is around 200 pages and a quick read, considering most books go over 300 these days. Plus it’s a new series that I think teen guys could be interested in. The first book takes Ret Cooper on a voyage of self-discovery, literally. He doesn’t remember anything from his past and his unusual illuminated skin, blonde hair and gleaming blue eyes makes it hard for him to blend in.

Ret Cooper was the only survivor amongst the wreckage of a ship caught in a hurricane near the Bahamas with no memory of his past. Now adopted by the Cooper’s he can begin to start a new life, until a his family discovers that Ret is truly unique with supernatural abilities and illuminating scars that begin to reveal on his palms and hands. Who is Ret Cooper?   

Ret, Ret, Ret, so simple but so memorable. He is a simple, honest hero. It almost seems like he is stuck living in his secret identity, waiting to break out into who he really is. He sees humanity and sort of dissects what he sees to the reader. While watching a football game he tries to grasp the concept of win and lose. Ret loves all athletics for the fun of it and making friends but doesn’t understand the competiveness side of it. The funny thing is that he is really good at all types of sports but because he won all of the time, people stopped picking him. His sister Ana even has to explain flirting to him after he is being nice to a girl who doesn’t have such a good reputation. Ret is a strong character that is written the right way. He has a vulnerable side to him yet he can do extraordinary things. He is what will entice readers to keep reading.

Benjamin Coy is…well…a strange duck. He is the father of Ret’s friend Paige and in the book leads Ret to believe he may know more about his scars. I didn’t know how to take Ben Coy at first because he is so mysteriously dangerous when he is first introduced but then develops into a new character with an odd sense of humor that almost seems borderline psychotic, but somehow it works. I can’t get into why he may be this way because I’ll spoil too much, but as you read the book and all the history involved in the plot’s entirety you will get why Ben Coy is Ben Coy. I so want to use his catch phrase right now, but I can’t because that will deprive the reader from the reveal. 

Oracle has been compared to the Percy Jackson series but I think it’s the next step after. Characters like teacher Mr. Quirk, or Principle Stone may contain only a whisper of the juvenile humor in the Percy books, but there is so much detail to science, nature, and history that I feel the teen that read the Riordan books, as a child will appreciate the Oracle series. There is a lot of scientific content in this book but I was able to follow it with only a couple of questions for my husband. But this only interested him in the book and isn't that what this all about. There may have only been a slight matter of flow after Coy’s yacht trip but nothing to overshadow the entire book. I really did enjoy the story.

While I read Oracle - Sunken Earth I kept remembering a series called Kyle XY. I think because of the family aspect of this story. Mostly because of Pauline, Ret’s mother, who tells Ret the story of how they found him and the death of her husband. I thought that this scene was beautifully written. I even highlighted it so that I could share it with my husband.

Bottom line, I think people who take an interest in science, and history will enjoy this book. Because C.W. Trisef seems to touch basis on elements I think that some followers of Avatar The Last Airbender series will be entertained by it as well. Oracle - Sunken Earth has adventure, mystery and a bit of humor to take you and keep you on Ret Coopers journey to discovering why he is here. 

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  1. Another great review, Celine. I LOVED "Oracle - Sunken Earth"! I kept hearing people rave about it, so I decided to give it a try...and I'm so glad I did! I enjoyed it for all the same reasons: intriguing characters, great science and history, the humor, and especially the author's unique and refreshing diction. I'm already well into C.W. Trisef's second installment in the series, "Oracle - Fire Island," and I'm loving it so far!! Who knew education could be so entertaining???

  2. Celine, did you read the second book in this Oracle series? Just wondering if I should get into it . . .

    1. Yes and I actually plan to post the review next week. I loved that there was more Ben Coy in the second book and Ret seems more anxious to find out more about his past. More adventure too which makes any book great.


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