Monday, April 9, 2012

Torn, This Month's Hot Buy

So the funny story is, Ashley submitted her book to me for review and thank the heavens she did. I started to read it and was already about five chapters into the book and hadn’t even told Ashley that I would review it yet! I was just too captivated by her lead characters Tristan and Isadora that I couldn’t stop reading. I love books that you don’t have to keep convincing yourself to continue to read. I couldn’t wait to steal a chance to finish Torn and was just simply impressed with Ashley S. Morgan’s story. You think you have an idea of what you are about to read but then the entire story changes in a unique and original way that I loved.

Isadora Rivers a student at one of the top art schools in the country is a young aspiring actress who has a bit of a reckless streak. Being emotionally sensitive she seems to absorb other students behavior around her, which include posers, jocks, queen bees and wannabe gangsters. Of course Isadora channels this through her outstanding acting and hopes this will be her ticket to a bigger than life future. While riding her bike at a reckless speed she nearly gets hit by a car. The driver Tristan Blake winds up being the new guy at school who is a mystery that Isadora is determined to solve. Tristan is a young man who is wiser than most teens and has a rebellious quality about him that captivates Isadora, striking a connection that will ultimately decide Isadora’s fate for her future. If she wants to change her future she will have to push away Tristan the boy she now loves.

Isadora is a girl who acts on her emotions first never thinking before. This gets her into trouble and leads her to wrong conclusions. Without spoiling the book when I realized what her future could be I thought that it wouldn’t happen in a million years. It was too far fetched but then after author Ashley S. Morgan laid out the reason for her supposed future it made complete sense. Plus while the incident was occurring I was cringing inside because I actually started to like the character that was involved. Isadora is a pretty likable girl and because the book is written from her point of view I was able to see things as she did. So when she would see Tristan talking and laughing with the school Barbie doll Tara, I was also a bit judgmental of Tristan.

Tristan is altogether awesome. He has a huge mystery about him but when you find out his backstory and his reason for pushing Isadora away you just feel so sad for him. He keeps trying to fix Isadora’s future, trying to change the outcome of an important decision that Isadora will make that will change her life forever. He’s so tormented that he wants to stay away from her because he believes he is the reason for her destined future, yet he tries out for the same school play as Isadora possibly to keep an eye on her too.

Torn is a very quick read and entertaining. I do have to comment on some of the reviews that I have read stating that the plot comes a bit late in the book. It simply has to in order to make sense. You have to build curiosity in what Tristan knows and tension between Isadora and him. Then when you find out what is really going on and how unobvious it is you have to keep reading. I think Ashley S. Morgan did a great job keeping me involved in the story and surprising me. I love that in Torn no one has superpowers or supernatural abilities. These two people are just given a chance to change things and that’s it. Who wouldn’t want the chance to change a wrong decision?

I recommend this book to anyone who has read The Future of Us, Tempest, and The Time Travelers Wife. It is only available on Kindle for only $2.99 so far but will soon be available for Nook and through Smashwords. Do not pass this book up. Torn is the perfect teen indie read that is uniquely entertaining that I can read over again and again.      

Read an excerpt from Torn by Ashley S. Morgan by clicking here.

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