Monday, April 16, 2012

I Survived Scary School and I'm Anxious to Return

I received Scary School for review from author Derek Taylor Kent AKA Derek the Ghost. It is a middle grade horror/ comedy series published through HarperCollins that I found exceptionally imaginable and funny. I usually don’t read children’s books unless it screams read me, this one did. Amazing illustrations by Scott M. Fischer are webbed throughout the book that will captivate any young reader. This book has every monster you can think of attending Scary School. It really is unique and will feed any little horror fan including their parents.

Scary School is told from Derek the Ghost’s perspective after he unfortunately dies and decides to write a book about the school he attends. Readers prepare to read about half zombie, half snake gym teachers, dragon professors with strict classroom rules and students who consist of werewolves, sasquatches and three girls named Rachael, Raychel, and Frank (pronounced Rachel).  The main objective for all students who attend Scary School is to survive. They are hosting the Ghoul Games this year and each student is required to participate, however the winners will eat the loser of each game! 

This book has SO many different characters that kept me reading every word. Derek Taylor Kent is incredibly talented because he is able to keep a very detailed story interesting to any reader. Scary School has a short story vibe to it because each chapter is dedicated to a student or teacher that never detours away from the main plot of the story, which is the Ghoul Games. The best part of the book is that Derek the Ghost is telling the story directly to the reader, even letting the reader in on clues of what to expect in the second book. I love books like this because it makes it more personal.

Two of the characters that grabbed my attention were Mr. Snakeskin and Penny Possum. Mr. Snakeskin is half zombie and half snake. He actually sheds his skin to reveal the insides of his body explaining how the heart, digestive system, and respiratory system work. He actually removes parts of his body as he explains with a proud smile. It sounds gross but it actually put a smile on my face.

Penny Possum is the shy girl who plays dead in class whenever she’s called on to answer a question by a teacher. This comes in handy when she walks into Dr. Dragonbreath’s classroom that has a tendency of eating his students, turning them into dragons later on of course.

This book’s target age would be age ten and up, but anyone who likes to read the occasional children’s book would be entertained by Scary School as well. Derek Taylor Kent provides an imaginative escape with a tour of Scary School that will satisfy the funny bone and entice any young horror fan. This is a book that a parent can read with their child and be able to talk and laugh about it together. I personally feel that any family that enjoys any Tim Burton movie would get the humor in Scary School and find Scott Fischer’s artwork charming. So get a jump on reading a copy of Scary School before the second book is released in June entitled Scary School #2: Monsters on the March. For tons of fun stuff about the Scary School series click here.    

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