Thursday, April 19, 2012

Casey Barnes Eponymous

I really need to thank E.A Rigg for contacted me to review her book. Now I must shout from the rooftops on how good it is! I get giddy when I can read a book that involves anything about music in the plot. It just forms a different reading experience once a song is attached to a moment in a book. So I LOVED it when Casey Barnes the silver tonged lead makes anonymous thought provoking playlists for students, then hides them mysteriously for the person to later find. After reading this quippy book from author E.A. Rigg I wanted Casey to make me my very own playlist too.

It’s the beginning of the school year and music junkie Casey Barnes will get a second chance with her popular guitar playing ex-boyfriend if everything goes according to plan. Of course it doesn’t after rumors service about her ex and gossip circulates the halls of school. As things get more chaotic Casey is face to face with her own musical endeavors and she will have to make decisions that could risk her original plan.

Casey is an original honest teen character. Her dialogue is amazing, and she had me laughing so much because she is so honest with everyone. She is a bad ass who has the heart of a teen girl who gets the chance to be with the guy of her dreams. Author E.A Rigg did a great job of making Casey vulnerable at times. Casey has moments when she is actually telling herself to not be herself, because of how it would make a guy feel. I believe every girl has done this. Sorry but it’s true. I wanted to tell Casey not to sell herself short and that she was an amazing girl and not to change. Casey has tiny moments like this in the book but way more moments when you wish you could say the crazy off the wall things she says. Her banter alone with her best friends mom was jaw dropping. I only wish I could have heard her musical rendition of Beowulf as Elvis.        

Casey is not the only quick witted conversationalist in the family. Her big brother Yull who she walks in the shadow of at times is also a stand-alone character. He is an over achiever and the often advice giver that Casey would of course, rather not hear. He is her voice of reason and gives honest brotherly ridicule that I as a reader wanted to tell her myself.

E.A. Rigg has a cast of characters that I could envision in a movie that I would watch again and again. The story flows extremely well with drama, witty humor, romance and friendship. There are small side stories that are going on with Casey’s circle of friends that build up to an ending that will keep any reader entertained.

One of my favorite scenes written in the book is the one that involves Casey, Yull and her friend Ben. They are arguing about whether or not Leigh, Casey’s best friend, is sleeping in the basement and hiding out from her angry parents punishment. I have even included and excerpt of E.A.’s Rigg’s work because it made me laugh so much.

“You think Mom’s not gonna know there’s another person living under her own roof?” Yull asked.

Casey waved a hand in the air. “Please. Keeping a secret from that over-programmed workaholic’s as easy as drinking water.”

“This is not going to end well,” Yull said.

“What am I supposed to do? Stand by and let my best friend get shipped of to hell?”

“Has she attempted swaying the ruling of her elders with fresh baked pies and cookies?” Ben asked.

“Good idea,” Casey said, “I’ll mention it.”

Yull sighed. “She better remember to hide from the cleaning lady. Today’s her day, you know.”

She nodded. “The stowaway was informed. She plans to loiter in the public library during household cleaning hours.”

If you are serious when it comes to music and possibly worn out your copies of The Breakfast Club, Some Kind of Wonderful and loved Nick and Norah then buy this book now and thank me later. It’s only available as an eBook but if you are an avid reader that shouldn’t be a problem, so buy it now! And looky here, I’ve included links so that you can do just that and a link to author E.A. Rigg’s blog so you can find out more about this talented author that I hope to see more of in the YA world.

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