Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chris Raabe's Phenomenon

I was given the book The New Phenomenon for review and have to say that if I was simply browsing in a bookstore that I would have picked up this book just because of the cover. It really does tell a story and tempts you to pick it up. I love to get my hands on a book that is from a male point of view, as I have said many times before, but seriously this is a book that I will have the young men in my family read. Christian the lead character is so naturally kind and thoughtful and this comes out when he faces obstacles within the book that you don’t doubt his integrity. There is a buy in with Christian that keeps you reading intensely.

After a life threatening accident on the way back home from a fishing trip with his grandfather, Christian Pearson’s life will change forever because of a secret that will soon be no more. He is a normal teenager just trying to fit in on his first day as a freshman in a small town high school. He is the new guy in school and on the football field and rather then being seen as a teammate he is seen as a threat. That is until three teens that start the school year late catch Christian’s attention. They seem to be oddly connected to him and may even be aware of the secret that Christian has managed to keep under wraps until now. Will he find help with his secret or a life that could threaten his family?

Christian Pearson is an undeniably likable character. Whether it’s how he treats a girl or even helps a friend out of a jam he is a true golden boy. I think that’s why I felt sort of a protection for him when he goes through the challenges like bullying, or even trying to stand up for his friends, or helping an enemy. He is just a great character to read. I wish there were more kids out there with the mindset that Christian has learned from his family. They constantly go through his mind when making a decision and it always puts Christian in this noble light. He never tries to be perfect, only tries to make the right decision. So when you read about this supernatural power he has it’s almost like in comic books when you feel the right person was bestowed the ability, almost like they were chosen for a reason. Christian’s ability is pretty simple, not something as magnificent as flying but you get this constant feeling that something great is in his future.     

I think what I liked most about Phenomenon was the description of Christians family. His mom, dad and little sisters were a strong part in Christian’s life. You get the sense that this family would really do anything for each other. And boy do they! My heart literally broke in half when Christian’s grandfather and dad have to help him face his destiny and the sacrifice that goes with it. This book has major twists and turns involving the secretive “Three” and how they need Christians help and didn’t even know it themselves! Phenomenon has deception, action, and heart pounding left turns with a little romance that it really was impossible to put down. I think I must have stayed up until 3:00am more than once. I cannot wait until the sequel comes out because author Chris Raabe left me on a serious cliffhanger that had me emotionally attached to Christian Pearson.

I would also like to add kudos to author Chris Raabe. I normally don’t get drawn into sport genre books but when the storyline had to involve football I was never lost. I was in it! I was given a play by play that allowed me to really be part of the story and in Christian’s world. At first I felt girly because even though everyone knows the game of football, I don’t think I was aware of how much detail was involved in being able to include them in an actual play. Chris Raabe does a really excellent job of this throughout Phenomenon.

I would recommend this book to any person who is a fan of Superman, comics in general, and is drawn to anything supernatural or conspiracy theories. Phenomenon really does have a large audience that I believe it can satisfy fully. So if you have trouble finding your male teen a book that doesn’t involve vampires, magic, or gooey love stories than I suggest you buy a copy of Phenomenon because it really is a fresh voice in the teen market that I feel deserves a chance. 


  1. Great review. We are pleased that you enjoyed The New Phenomenon by Chris Raabe.

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  2. Love this book! I am hoping there is a sequel coming soon!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, also! Can't wait for the next installment...


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