Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marie Lu's Legend Strikes an Emotional Chord.

I have been waiting to read this book FOREVER! Sometimes the book with the simplest cover can challenge a reader into giving it a chance. I also love when a book tells a story from the two lead characters. It enables the reader to see both sides before making judgment. This book was very similar to Hunger Games in the way the other characters are in involved in the plot of the overall story. I as a reader was attached to all of them and impressed by author Marie Lu on the detailed way she threaded them through her debut novel Legend.

June is a young girl born into privilege in the Republic’s wealthiest district whose brother of the same stature has been murdered. Day a young boy who was born into the poorest area of the Republic is the country’s most wanted criminal and is the prime suspect for June brother’s murder. June will chase Day to avenge her brother’s death. Of course in the process she will uncover more than expected and will have to come face to face with the true reason why the Republic wants Day dead.

June is stubborn, hardheaded and unpredictable. She is a young girl who is committed to her country. She has trained to be the best fighter of the entire Republic and this shows when she gets in her first street fight. Marie Lu is able to write detailed fight scenes and bring all the anguish of the battle to life. June is a very tough character who is alone but you never seem to worry about her future. As a reader you just hope she picks the right one. I think I turned my pages the quickest when reading June’s chapters only because she has more to discover. I never saw the outcome of the story. I was surprised all the way through and I believe June is the reason why.

Day is likable right off the bat. His family believes him to be dead and when you discover he’s stealing food and medicine for his family in secret you love him more. He is a modern day Robin Hood who fights against the Republic and believes they are hiding something. Day is also a talented fighter and his intelligence is through the roof. When he breaks into a hospital to recover medicine you get to see how much of a planner he is in all he does. Marie Lu again has been able to give so much detail in a brief amount of time that makes Day appear unstoppable.

The other characters that stood out in this book where Commander Jameson and Day’s brother Jon. Jameson is deceptively evil in a very cut and dry way. She sees only her cause and pity’s no one from the poorest sector. She sees them more as bugs you would shoo away rather then human. When a riot erupts within the Republic she does not flinch when ordering her soldiers to shoot randomly into the crowd of men, women and children. Jon honestly made me cry. He is Day’s older brother who doesn’t have too much dialogue but through the talents of Lu you are able to get a sense of who is. He sees Day for the man he could be and sees his future is important and does anything he can to protect his little brother Day.

Seriously people have to read this book. If you like Hunger Games you must read Legend. The book leaves on a major heartbreaking cliffhanger that I could not stop talking about. Marie Lu has a talent for weaving in the most subtle things and then BAM they come and kick you in the face. Can you tell I liked this book because I didn’t know if you could? I think the main reason I loved Legend was that both the girl and boy are strong. No one is waiting to be rescued you have a sense that it will happen. You just want to keep reading to figure out how in the hell are they going to do it! So if you want a good book that reads like a movie with mystery, deception, and a love story that doesn’t get mushy then read Legend and thank me later.  

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