Friday, February 10, 2012

Borrowing Abby Grace by Kelly Green

After reading The Dig by Audrey Hart from Backlit Fiction I was intrigued by their other eBook titles. Borrowing Abby Grace by Kelly Green caught my eye because it was categorized as a teen book but written in episodes, shorter books that are included in a series and are priced right at $2.99 each. Backlit Fiction is a YA publisher we as readers will see big things from when it comes to eBooks. I can say after reading Borrowing Abby Grace that they have pinpointed something special. I was hooked when I read that it compared to the old TV show Quantum Leap, and was interested in how Kelly Green would revise this type of storyline.

Abby Grace wakes up in the back of a van to find that she has been kidnapped. She has no idea who she is until she manages to escape and then comes to find out that her little brother who was also kidnapped, may have been in the van with her when she escaped. While finally able to wrap her mind around what she is she notices her reflection in her bedroom mirror only to see a different face completely. Abby learns that she is a Shadow. Someone who travels and takes over different bodies repairing something in that person’s life.

Abby is someone who will develop into a strong witted character. In this book she is just trying to figure out what she is and then at the same time trying to figure out who her brothers kidnapper is. But this isn’t bad, it’s just Abby in the early stages. She seems impressively smart and as the series continues I look forward to seeing new things from her. She is a great detective and because of her crafty assessment of the clues at hand Borrowing Abby Grace became a great page-turner to the very end.

Will is Abby’s guide that only she can see. Having a guide does equally compare to the eighties TV show but they were two guys who became friends. This storyline has romantic possibilities that will entice readers to keep following. Will isn’t in the book as much as I wanted, probably because this has to be about Abby. But he still managed to have a presence that offered fun banter between the two and the fact that no one can see him but Abby makes good comical scenarios as well.             

I think for the price of the books I’ll definitely read the second one. The series has endless possibilities because she can inhabit any type of person. Kelly Green has given her characters no limits, and since the series is written in episodes of under one hundred pages you as reader will get drama, romance, and mystery in one major punch! I think Backlit Fiction has hit the nail within the YA market. The books are priced right and with authors like Kelly Green have great storylines that have you wanting more.

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