Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Switched from Indie Author Sensation Amanda Hocking

Okay so Switched originally came out as a self-published eBook in 2010. It is now an official published book today and available in stores. After Switched became a success, Indie author Amanda Hocking was given a book deal for the entire series. After reading the Hocking’s Cinderella story I had to read the book before it was published and see what all the fuss was about.

Wendy Everly is a teenage girl living with her older brother Matt and Aunt Maggie. Her mother is not in the picture due to the fact that she tried to kill her with a kitchen knife when she was six years old, convinced that the hospital switched her true baby. This doesn’t help that even while in school Wendy doesn’t feel she belongs, never able to make friends because they don’t like her makes life difficult. Now at another school a boy named Finn seems to be stalking her and for some reason Wendy does not seem worried, yet drawn to him. Finn will shed light on why Wendy doesn’t seem to fit in and why she must leave with him to see where her destiny is waiting, where her home truly is.

Sorry to say that no characters really stood out for me on this book. Wendy is the typical girl who is searching to belong. When she is taken to a magical realm where others like her exist, she still seems to struggle to fit in a place where she is actually welcomed. I think my major disappointment is when I read about all the powers that Wendy is told that she possesses from her birth mother, and Finn then never really read any of them in action. No actual action takes place until the very end of the book so I guess that may be why I didn’t really see Wendy.

Finn seems to have a bit more depth then Wendy. He has a backstory that is good and will carry well on into the next book but he seems so strong at first then completely torn with his duty to protect Wendy and who he is. I did enjoy how author Hocking works in Finn’s cruel dialogue at the dance with Wendy. I do feel she went “there” as an author, challenging the reader to like him in the end.

I will say that specific scenes from Switched resonated with me. I think one of the most chilling moments is when Wendy visits her mother Kim in the hospital, yeah the one who tried to kill her. After all the years have passed her mother, who requests to be called Kim by Wendy, is still certain that Wendy is not her daughter but a monster. The quips back and forth are endless. Her mother constantly picks at her appearance and asking where her baby boy is because she didn’t deliver a girl.  

I don’t know if I’ll read the second book in the trilogy…maybe. The ending was good and it was a quick read. I just didn’t latch on to any specific character to wonder what would happen next. The plot was original but yet predictable, still it was a fun read. So if you are a willing and an unpredictable reader, Switched is worth taking a chance on but decide for yourself if you crave the second book. 

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