Monday, December 5, 2011

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick, a surprising left turn in the right direction.

I am a fan of author Becca Fitzpatrick and her series Hush, Hush. She is a talented writer of young adult books and holds nothing back when writing about Nora and Patch the stars of her third installment in the Hush, Hush series, Silence.

Silence leaves not quite where we left off from the second book Crescendo. Our angel Patch who was taken by the Black Hand is now apparently working with the very group that separated him from Nora. Nora awakes in a cemetery with no memory of Patch, or where she’s been for the last three months. Life has gone on without her and she wants to know why. Jev a boy who seems to be around whenever Nora is in danger has her thinking he may know more. Now her friend Scott is back in town, who has a few bits of information that pushes Nora to realize she isn’t being told the whole truth from her friends or family. This plants the desire in Nora to find out what Jev knows and why them being together is a problem for the Black Hand.

Nora, even though she suffers a slight memory loss is still the same girl as always. Always going against what is the safest option for her and falling into just the right amount of danger to not get her killed. She does ask herself the right questions when solving her mystery, I just wished that she would get there quicker, and maybe instead of sneaking around tempting danger stand up for herself and say that she can fight too. After Silence’s ending I can see that this may be the direction that Nora goes…hopefully.

Patch is often portrayed as a bad boy but I just see him as a guy with confidence. He loves and wants to protect Nora and anyone who cares for her. He’s just a guy who wants to be with the girl he loves. But those pesky angels, and Nephilim keep getting in his way. So now he has to figure out a way to keep both sides at bay in order to be with Nora. I was surprised that he is so desperate that he looks up Dabria, his ex, in order to get help for Nora, proving that when it comes to her he’s willing to do anything.     

Final thoughts, this seems like a totally new book with the same characters Fitzpatrick’s fans have grown to love. After reading Silence I can see that she had a lot of fun writing this, and maybe enjoyed putting her comfortable characters in unique left turn scenarios. I won’t spoil it but what she actually puts Patch through in the beginning of the book is pure torture. The descriptive detail to how he feels, and the desperate pain he endures to secure Nora’s safety is heartbreaking. It’s even more so sad when Nora awakes with no memory of Patch and what he has sacrificed for her. Things are so topsy-turvy to us the readers of the series because we know the actual secrets that have been hidden from Nora. It was a different way to from Nora’s perspective. I also enjoyed reading more of Vee, Nora’s BFF. She’s simply fun and a nice ease away from the danger that Nora is involved in.

Don’t judge this book, or series by the covers. Even though beautifully dramatic they do not tell the story at all. This book and series are really about uncovering secrets and after uncovered realizing not everything is at it seems. Will Silence’s characters do what you expected or defy your expectations, read and decide.  

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