Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Dig by Audrey Hart

Dust off those old Greek legends and prepare for a new twist from Audrey Hart. I was given this book for review and just couldn’t wait to read it, I mean look at the extraordinary cover, who wouldn’t be enticed by this read. This is the first book in a trilogy by Audrey Hart, published by Backlit Fiction, entitled The Dig. I’m a sucker for Greek mythology and am obsessed with time travel. The Dig satisfies both with a quirky sense of humor and still had me on the edge of my seat reading Zoe Calder’s last minute escapes while trapped in 1000 B.C.

Zoe Calder is a student enrolled at Greedly Academy and can’t wait to leave for the summer with her Aunt and Uncle on their yearly planned archeological dig. This Summer, she heads to Crete and leaves the annoying high school cliques she normally avoids to find  herself whisked back in time to 1000 B.C. to face another clique that inhabit Mount Olympus. While coming to terms with her new magical powers she finds herself falling for a mystery boy who is otherwise already taken, according to a female god.
First of all Zoe is a real teen girl who like all the millions of other teens out there are trying to get through the brief, yet never ending time of her young adult life. She is intelligent but has the same insecurities all teen girls have. She is the girl that hides in the corner but has a lot to say, and me as a reader really enjoyed listening to her. Her thoughts were entertaining and true. She fumbles inside her brain when talking to a cute boy and even when talking to a girl she wants to get along with she finds herself searching for the right thing to say. I laughed when even Zoe shocked her own self of by what she ended up saying. During Zoe’s many escapes, I was impressed how she relied on her own instincts and didn’t need the entire help of the boy hero. She was a smart young woman who I can’t wait to see how she turns out at the end of this trilogy.
I'll refer to the boy hero as Blondie so that I don't spoil the book, but he is a realistic teen boy who is simply infatuated with Zoe. He never comes of too strong like in most common teen books and has honest intentions when it comes to Zoe. Of course, the way the book ends I can see our hero changing in a good way and breaking young hearts. He lets Zoe be herself and helps her see the value of being different from anyone he has ever known. He has his own struggles as well. Many boys do and Audrey Hart manages to shed a light on someone who may struggle with identity in a clique of friends. I think one of my favorite quotes from this young hero is this one.
“See, I’m like you. You’re so grounded that people are afraid of you. And I’m so…I dunno, open, that people are afraid of me. Your feet are on the ground and my head is in the clouds, and as long as we’re together, I know we balance each other out”

This makes Zoe realize that they are exactly alike and different at the same time. I think many couples are that way and that’s what makes them work. Audrey Hart has written a story capable of empowering a young girl to be herself. When you are yourself, you are more grounded in life, which is a definite sense of confidence that I think most girls should have. I read this book in two days and enjoyed it immensely. It had a natural flow and quirky references to current pop culture. Zoe’s flash backs kept me in the action of 1000 B.C and still managed to tell me about how Zoe lived in the present time without me feeling lost.
The Dig, by Audrey Hart is for someone who likes movies like Indian Jones who always escapes at the last minute and readers of the Percy Jackson series who want to take the next step into a different interpretation of Greek mythology. The Dig takes what we all have read about Greek gods and puts a young sassy twist to their myths and legends that teens will love and identify with. The Dig is available as an eBook through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com, so download it now!

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