Monday, October 17, 2011

The Power of Six

 I was under the impression, like others, that this book was based entirely on the mysterious number six from the Pitticus Lore series. I have been waiting patiently to read about number six, and I was extremely pleased that The Power of Six takes off right where, I Am Number Four ends. The Power of Six is a fuel-filled adventure, never boring, and kept me on the edge of my seat.
So after Jon and Six fought of the Mogadorians, they along with Jon’s best friend Sam leave Paradise, Ohio to hide from being discovered by other Mogadorians. Six helps Jon with his legacies and together they try to find a way to get any information about the other surviving Loric. In the meantime, Marina who is number seven is in Spain trying to keep informed of Jon through the news. She has a strong feeling that he is like her, and wonders if their paths will cross soon. Will they be able to join forces making their fight against the Mogadorians stronger than ever…will they be able to save the world?
The Power of Six was incredibly written. It kept a constant pace full of action, drama, and mystery. When I opened the book I did cringe when I found that I was going to read about number seven, then a couple of chapters later I was dropped into Jon’s story along with Six and Sam. It’s like reading two books in one, and I think that’s why the pace is so fast, yet you get so some much detail to the story that it never feels rushed. Marina/seven back in Spain has her own struggles with her guardian Adelina, who has lost faith in their mission and doesn’t support Marina/seven. Marina has been paying close attention to the internet hoping that the stories that are being posted about Jon and Six in America are somehow connected to her.
Jon, Six and Sam begin a close friendship while on the run from the Mogodorians. They all train together to become stronger if they should run into any enemies. Six tells her story of how her guardian died and how she escaped from the Mogodorians cave. Jon still misses Sarah but he knows that he risks her life by trying to contact her. Sam is just awesome in this book. He really is the only human representation in the story and I think that’s why he holds a special place in the book for me. He is a typical nerdy teenage boy who is determined to find out what happened to his missing father. He is still convinced that he has a part in the Loric mission to save the world. Sam often offers perfect comic timing with the best friend sarcasm to go with it; he also has a crush on Six, which is adorable. Six is a fierce girl who is a resilient fighter and always keeps her mission her priority. She is someone who anyone would want in there corner with a great story to tell. Jon struggles with being on his own without Henry and not many answers to the questions he seeks. He still controlled the story for me as a reader, which is good because with him somehow you see both the human and Loric side of his character.
This book is for anyone, female or male. I say that because I don’t think you have to be a certain age for this book. It really does read like a movie, the detail in the dialogue and the way the author sets up a scene is definitely worthy of another movie, which is too bad since they axed the project. Don't fret, you can still find out what happens by reading The Power of Six, and be left with your jaw open because the ending is so good. Questions are answered from the first book that will lead you into asking BIGGER questions for the third.             

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