Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zombie Corner

After dipping my toe into the world of zombie’s I found myself wondering if anything had been written from the zombie’s perspective. I thought that it would be pretty awesome to be able to read what they might be going through, what they could be struggling with and if a zombie had any remorse or anger of what they had become. Into my hot little hands was given a copy of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.
Warm Bodies gives a window into the world of R, a young man with no memory of his former human life, who is going about his routine as a zombie. He instinctively feeds on humans to survive, but savors what is considered a delicacy, the human brain, for it contains all memories of the human that a zombie devours. With each bite, a zombie can experience briefly, what it was like to be human, seeing its memories in their own mind like a drug. During a regular hunt, R takes a bite of the brain of Perry, a young man that carries memories of Julie the girl he loves. R sees Julie hiding in the corner watching in horror as her group is being eaten, another zombie takes hold of her, R reacts already knowing who she is and rather than stay and feed, he decides to save Julie.
This book did not go the way I expected. I got a quick possible view of what a zombie goes home to after a meal. R goes off meets a girl zombie, marries her, they’re given a couple of zombie children who R must teach how to feed and then of course his wife finds someone new who will pay her the proper attention. I thought it was a bit humorous and read on thinking this was how the story was going to play out, until R meets Julie. I enjoyed the idea that Marion, the author of Warm Bodies, tries to explore. He manages to create a reason why zombies crave humans, the possibility of feeling human again and tasting any memory of it. R is a character who challenges himself to not to feed in order to be better for Julie, the girl he now loves. With each bite R does not take, he begins to feel more human, he can speak with fewer grunts, and more like a human would, growing closer to Julie.
The discussions that Julie and R have are remarkable. As a reader, I was able to get a clear idea of what the two were trying to communicate, and with R only able to grunt at first, that puts Isaac Marion way up there as an author for me. R is a noble hero that I was cheering on for the entire book. I didn’t even stop to think that I was actually rooting for a zombie. I was rooting for both Julie and R; they find that they are part of a huge change that could influence the entire zombie infested world. Warm Bodies is a love story with a punch that shows how two people falling in love, much like Romeo and Juliet can have a ripple effect throughout their world.
Whenever a zombie book is recommended to someone who isn’t into zombies, they cringe and put it back on the shelf, thinking it’s not for them. DO NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN, I beg of you! If you care for romance, horror, epic tales that have an original ending you would like this book. Even if you like humor in your reading you would enjoy the funny scenarios that R finds himself in trying to look human when around other humans. All I ask is to give this book a chance; it would make a great introduction into the zombie realm. Oh and BTW this will soon be a movie as well, so read it before you see it.

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