Friday, September 9, 2011

You Should Be Reading: Finding Kaley

Finding Kaley is an adorable short story by independent author Kristen James. For only a buck, you get a very detailed story about life, loss, and love. Since I’ve purchased my Nook, I found that I was more willing to take a chance on authors who decided to face the challenge of putting their work out there on their own.  These books, and short stories are something special, offering new ideas at a good price, such as Finding Kaley.
Finding Kaley is a sweet story about a woman who is thrown a curve ball in life. She is like many people today who had a plan that was forced into change. The first couple of pages of the story gave so much detail, and background of how Kaley has now come to own her father’s pub, and possibly the loss of it. Patrick the Irish bartender finds her at the end of her tattered rope, until a letter arrives that will change everything. 
What I liked about this story was that you get a peek into the window of two people who have known each other, and are about to change everything in a good way. Kaley has so much pressure on her to keep the pub running; that she doesn’t stop to ask for help. Patrick, who was just an employee before, becomes the man in her corner who tells her what she needs to hear. Kaley and Patrick are two characters who are clearly explained by author Kristen James, which is why I had an honest buy in. You know who they are and where they both come from and can see why they should be together.
This is a short story you should definitely download, and is available through Barnes and Noble exclusively. I would recommend this to anyone who reads Nicholas Sparks, Emily Giffin, or likes the usual romantic comedy. That’s a big selection of people, who I encourage to take the time to read this charming short story.

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