Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Hot Buy!

Kissed by an Angel, by Elizabeth Chandler is my official first Hot Buy pick.  It is a 3 in 1 volume for about ten bucks that is a quick and fun read.  Chandler even wrote a follow up titled Evercrossed, which is good if you want more from Ivy’s character, but not a must for the series.
Due to her mother remarrying, Ivy is a young girl who is adjusting to a new extravagant home, a new school, and a new step- brother. She catches the eye of Tristan who later becomes her boyfriend.  Just when Tristan and Ivy realize they are in love a tragic accident takes Tristan’s life. Of course, until he becomes an angel who realizes it was no accident, but murder.  Will Ivy’s now lingering faith in angels be enough to see Tristan and help solve his murder? Will Ivy ever be safe herself? Sigh.
Once again, I preferred the hero in the story. Don’t get me wrong. Ivy is likable, she has to be, but sometimes she can be clueless.  The undying faith that Ivy has in angels is convincing, but then she’s so angry at the world she can’t be bothered with the possibility from her adorable younger brother who believes. She is redeemable later in the series, after she is finally able to see Tristan, because you know she has to. Tristan was an interesting character to read, he has to deal with his death, developing his skills so that he can touch and talk with the living, and get Ivy to realize he’s still with her. Sometime during the series the two begin to work together, narrowing down suspects, seeing how far secrets that they uncover about family and friends takes them. I hate to say that the ending is predicable but the fact that the story still kept me reading rather than closing the book is…well…a pretty good book the way I see it.
If you don’t want to be caught up in something to serious, want a change in your usual genre then this might be a pick for, especially at the price. I can say that I would probably pick up one of Elizabeth Chandlers titles, they keep your attention, and given that this book was a 3 in 1 mystery, she lays the facts out smoothly. If you like angels, mystery, or the movie Ghost then you’d like this series, or anything that Elizabeth Chandler writes.

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