Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

When I was first told about Delirium by Lauren Oliver I wasn’t entirely sold on the idea, but interested. My friend said that it was something she knew that I would like, and she wouldn’t steer me wrong. I mean when you here it’s about a future where love is considered a disease, there is actually a cure for it, and society actually wants it; it made me curious.
Lena is 95 days away from the day that she can be administered the cure for deliria nervosa (love). Symptoms of deliria nervosa are; dizziness and disorientation, disruption of sleep, insomnia, or constant fatigue, complete breakdown of rational faculties, erratic behavior, and fantasies or hallucinations. She fears love and anticipates with each closing day when she will be safe from the disease. While going through government testing to determine her future after she receives the cure, she meets a guard named Alex who has been cured. Alex will pull the curtain, exposing everything Lena thought was real her entire life.
The writing consumed me instantly. The shocking details that Lauren Oliver is able to give, showing the lack of emotion with the future society is jaw dropping. I wanted to shake the characters into sense, especially, when it came to Lena’s family, because with the cure there is no love in the home either. Lena’s family speaks with a lack of love and endearment sometimes that I as a reader wasn’t expecting, because my first thought of love is between two people, the love for your family is just, well there.
Alex is a character you see coming but not his story. His life and back-story totally took me by surprise. Lena is a girl I see who is constantly living in fear, even in her home because of the raids that the government issue without notice, that by the way gave me chills. Alex and Lena find a sense of security with each other that anyone would cling to living in this unthinkable future. You don’t realize how much love can affect the world, and what it would be like if there were no love. There story is high paced with intimate moments laced in between. Alex and Lena together find answers for the reason they have become living in fear of love. I will definitely be reading the second book, Pandemonium to see what happened to Lena and Alex. The ending really is a major nail biting cliffhanger, and I REALLY have to know what happened!
So yeah, the idea of a society without love may sound a bit corny to people, I can literally see the eyes rolling. But seriously that’s the exact person I would challenge to read Delirium. You don’t realize how much it affects everything we as a society do. If you liked Hunger Games then you’d think this is a great book like me, plus the movie rights were recently sold and you want to read it before that happens, because you know how that sometimes is a hit or miss. So I challenge you to read Delirium so that you can wait impatiently for the second book like me.       


  1. I didn't know there was a second!! I always knew you'd like this book! ;)

  2. I also didn't know the movie rights were sold! You've been holding out on me.


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